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CMx2 ScAnCaDe v1.6 released

Mad Mike

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Here the description from GreenAsJade's site:

A tool that will create a sortable listing of all scenarios (btt files) in a given directory. The program will automatically read out parameters like battle size, date and time of day for the scenario, its duration, the weather etc. The resulting listing can then be sorted for these parameters.

A sortable listing for campaigns can be created as well. The tool will also extract the individual scenarios from a campaign, making them playable in CMx2 independently of the campaign and even allowing for changes in the Scenario Editor.

The campaign script is visualised in the generated campaign listing, providing an overview of the connections between battles in a campaign.

Output will be generated as XML-files, which can be viewed in a browser via a provided XML Style Sheet.

This has mainly been tested with Mozilla Firefox but should also work reasonably well with any other

current browser.

The tool works for CMBN+CW+MG (up to v2.20), CMFI+GL (up to v1.20) and CMRT v1.00.

A README with instructions on how to use the program is included in the .zip-archive.

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Sorry for my ignorance but what is scandade?


I really like this mod. It's an "all in one" thumbnail sketch of the battles in the scenario directory on your computer. I found it particularly useful when first learning to play this game as a tool helping me pick which scenario's to play. It details out all the who, what, when, where, and how long it takes to play information. Because the output is a spreadsheet-like matrix, you can easily find (sort / filter) the situations you're in the mood (or of the size suiting your skill levels) to play. I use it with Mozilla and am happy I have it. Good luck and good gaming!

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