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I picked up the US CDV "special edition" of this game and I can see why it has garnered such positive reviews. I'm still in awe of the detail just reading the manual. Anyway..

I played the tutorial a few times so I think I have the hang of it. However, I'm not really sure where to start. It looks like a list of random scenarios. Is that how everyone plays, randomly jump around? Or is there a suggested order? I don't even see where I can list them in order of when the battles occured.

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Hello FlyingElvis, there is no fixed order in which to play the scenarios and operations. You can choose to play whichever you like. It might be good to read the briefings of a few of them, and then choose whichever interests you most. Probably you should stick to the smaller ones for the beginning smile.gif

Besides the scenarios, you can also play randomly generated QuickBattles of course, and then there is a whole host of places where people have uploaded hundreds if not thousands of scenarios to play. Have fun! smile.gif


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Originally posted by TANK ACE:

watever u do stay out of the political forum.

Lol! No kidding. Unless you are a card carrying, die hard liberal who thinks that three purple hearts makes a great war hero, stay away from them!

As for CMBO, once you get a few games under your belt, play someone in a PBEM (Play-by-email) game. That is where CMBO/CMBB/CMAK really shine! Not only is it a lot of fun, but its a great place to get some feedback on how you are playing!

Most of all, welcome to the community. Dont feed the Kerry kids. smile.gif


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Hey Elvis I'd suggest (as you are planning to do) to play a few battles with low turns IE: 15 or so.

But once you get the hang of the game/all the commands, definately start one of the larger battles. Taking your time and playing one for days is really fun and since you have more units you can try different things, like sending a small group of men on covert attacks etc.

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I have been playing quick battles on small maps with automatically purchased units. So with a squad or two, a few support units, and a couple of armor units. Since I'm new to wargames, I have been reading up on how to use infantry, armor etc. from the articles at combatmission.com. Basically, I am losing most engagements, but slowly getting the hang of things. Its an amazing piece of simulation software. I'm loving it.

I feel like I need to earn my stripes with CMBO before going out and getting the CMBB/CMAK bundle. smile.gif

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Ok, I had to report this AAR because its my first victory, and victory is sweet. smile.gif

I played the allies, meeting engagement on a small village map. 25 turns, everything else on default.


65 casualties

9 captured

3 vehicles knocked out

men ok: 11

score: 13


20 casualties

1 vehicle knocked out (halftrack)

men ok: 52

score: 87

Axis surrender, Allied Total Victory. smile.gif

I used an alternating overlook approach with infantry, taking turns with each squad providing cover fire as I approached the village, using building and woods for cover.

I kept the spotter way back on a hill and pounded the German positions.

And slowly brought my one tank up the main road, using the halftrack to provide cover. Not sure this is smart but it worked. Also, I think I got lucky by knocking out the German armor early. Knocking out armor seems to be a crapshot.

The Germans surrendered after about the 12th turn.

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Originally posted by Bannon DC:

You'll like the armor fighting in CMBB. Armor is harder to kill... you get more ricochets and partial penetrations without a kill.


Ok, I've spent a good amount of time with CMBO now, and although I'm hardly a veteran wargamer, I'm finding the armor combat frustrating. It seems like a pea shooter can take out my Shermans.

But the infantry and support combat I have played has been fantastic! I had a lot of fun with "Keep Nimtz Alive!" scenario which is a Market Garden timeframe defend mission. Awesome.

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You sound like you're chugging along nice, FE. I advise friends to start with the little scenario 'Small Gain' then 'Chance Encounter'.

In the first you should practice as the US using cover, appreciating that .50cal HMGs can knock out light enemy armor, and 'tophatting' (hunting to a ridgeline then reversing back to cover, and again, and again) cos your own armor is fragile and you need to protect it.

The second (also as US) is fun but not so challenging. It gives you some varied terrain and more space and chance to act with a little dash.

Find the CMBO Oracle on a links page somewhere and read up whenever you have a new querie.

Welcome and have fun. It's such an engaging game.

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