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urban assault: what should we see?

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Finalizing a scenario. Thought to ask the peanut gallery what type armor would support an assault into a city.

Specifically, Witebsk. 26 June 1944.

Whatever was at hand I suspect.

I don't think the germans (or even the russians) had the luxury of handpicking what armor support they would bring into a city assault.

But I can imagine that assault guns live up to their names in cities.

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Just a quick scan on the internet:

"The assault began as planned on the 22 June. At 4:00am the 6th Guards and 43rd Armies charged forward after a devastating artillery and air barrage. The scale of the initial assault was frightening. Everyone of the seven soviet rifle divisions involved committed two out of its three rifle battalions to the assault alongside a total of 400 armoured vehicles from four tank brigades, three tank regiments and four assault gun regiments. All of this firepower was unleashed on the small 20km area of the line occupied by the German 252nd Infantry Division and Corps Detachment D."

Well, I guess basically everything is possible on the Soviet side (normal tanks and SP guns).

On the German side it would probably be Stugs and Hetzers in support of the 252 infantry division.

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What was that line that Steve (or whoever) wrote in the manual? If in CMBN you might pick a platoon of Shermans for a battle, in CMFI you'd want to pick a company of IS-2s. Soviet doctrine did not rely on the skills of small units to get a job done. If they wanted an objective taken they'd take a sledgehammer to the place.

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