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Roadsigns for CMRT

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Thought this would be a quick 5 minutes to get some "Vitebsk" roadsigns into the new scenario I am working on...

I had a crashdump error.

Not sure why yet.

I did my usual procedure....pretty simple really.

Carried over from CMFI.

milestone 1.bmp

milestone1.mdr (Notepad++ edited to point towards milestone 1)

Anyone else working on roadsigns by any chance?

I guess I will give it another try. Maybe I goofed up.

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Still crashing. I just tried to slip it in as a model swap for existing pole5.bmp and pole5.mdr

Tried 3d preview in the editor for a scenario where pole5 has been placed in 2d mode and it loaded data to 49% and seems to hang up and then crashes to desktop.

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I've been working on similar stuff, and man, that looks great! Which flavor object did you use for that? I'd like to borrow that idea for my own project, if that's okay.

EDIT: Did you have to mess with mdr files to get that to work?

As to your original post: I didn't even mess with the mdr's for milestones. I simply changed all of them to point to Pitrovsk (in my case).

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Back in CMFI GL, I had an easy job and made milestone signs very easily. Never any problems.

Here in CMRT just trying today has been painful for some reason. Crashing to desktop all the time. Wouldn't work yet as a milestone file, nor as a pole file. Finally worked as a streetsign. PM me with your e-mail address and I will send you the files I put in my z folder. Feel free to mod them any way you desire. This all came from Tempest's work using CMSF signs! Tip of the hat to him. I will also send the photoshop file with layers so it is easy to change the text. Eventually, I will post it to CMMODS so anyone can mod it.

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  • 1 month later...

I may be the odd man on this one, but I really want to pull some signs into the game as modded building walls or something...


I want to real soon do that bridge sign (black with white font, "brucke") as part of a scenario mini-mod package.

It says Dessna Bridge for a river called the Dessna.

Then probably "built by Pioneer Battalion 48" or some such military jargon.

Or your feet kept dry courtesy of the blah blah blah. Maybe that style is more American.

I am having an unpaid consultant translate it. Thanks Poesel!

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Poesel kindly translated a few of the signs I asked about.

Thanks Markus!

Top left in yellow:

Achtung Fliegergefahr!

Klar der Himmel, hell das Tal

Aufstelllicht auf keinen Fall!

Dunkler Himmel, dunkle Nacht,

Tarnscheinwerfer ist aufgemacht!

Wer hier frevelt, das steht fest,

kriegt erbarmungslos Arrest!

That rhymes and is actually quite funny:

Fighter warning!

Clear skies, bright valley,

never use headlights

dark sky, dark night

use hooded headlights

whoever commits an outrage here

will get merciless arrest

Next to it on the top, white:



Parken im Umkreis

von 2km verboten

Top right:


von Welish nach Likwiati

Einzelfahrzeuge halt!

Durchfart _nur_ von _6_ Fahrzeugen aufw.

Waffen bereit halten

Der Kommandant

Danger of partisans

from Welish to Likwiati (I’m not sure about the names)

Single vehicles stop!

Drive through only with 6 or more vehicles (‚Durchfart‘ should be ‚Durchfahrt‘, ‚aufw.‘ is short for ‚aufwärts‘ (more than…))

The black one in the center:

Dessna Brücke

>Zum letzten Rennen<




Dessna bridge

>the last race< (not a pun on racism - race as in car race)



pioner battalion 48

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