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Possible to use hi-res images for the mini ground textures?

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Hey all.

So one of the things that's always bothered me about playing CMx2 is the loss of detail beyond a certain distance. I often see videos/screens where the loss of detail doesn't happen, that's how I want to play CM.

I had a thought..maybe I could replace the mini ground textures with hi res files to trick the game into rendering the hi res textures. I installed Aris' excellent terrain mod, and copied and renamed all the appropriate files into the "Ground Mini" folder. Unfortunately it doesn't seem to want to render the way I expected (see attached screenshot). So I guess my question is...is this even possible? Am i doing something wrong? Tweaking my settings, turning off shadows, etc, has no impact on the draw distance.

I'm on a new macbook pro (retina) with a 2.3ghz i7, 16gb ram, NVIDIA GeForce GT 750M 2048 MB. I can run arma III no problem, I should be able to see hi res textures over the entirety of the map, no?


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You can't really trick the engine like that, it's gonna display the mini tiles at a small size no matter what the file resolution. In order for it to look better, you actually have to make it less detailed. Think about it, even in reality when you look at something far away you're not seeing the details, but the overall color. I've noticed that when sizing the mini ground tiles, sometimes it's better to drop down from 64x64 to 32x32 or even 16x16. All the details blend together and it creates a more seamless transition.

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Something you've got to know about mini-ground.

A square is (if memory serves) four regular ground textures across and four regular ground textures down. A single mini ground square covers sixteen hi rez squares.

There had been some experimentation with doing larger mini ground squares (current square are mostly 64x64 pixels, that's actually an increase from CMSF) but the idea was nixed because it was working at cross purposes to their greater quest to run larger maps at higher framerates.

And don't forget art size needs to be the power of 2. pixel width and height of 2/4/8/16/32/64/128/256/512/1024/or 2048 pixels. One pixel off and it plays havoc with some video cards.

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Yea I've come to that conclusion doing some tests. So how do people get their games to look so crisp and detailed in screenshots, even in the distance? I have 2gb of VRAM, and 16gb of ram. Is it a processor speed thing? The line that's drawn when the game switches from hi res to low res textures is really ugly.

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