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CtA 1914: Event DE 112 imba?

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Ok, another game question sparked by my duels with Strategiclayabout:

Log story short: We're playing Call to Arms 1914 campaign, I'm playing CP, Strat went with Entente. The sight of pickelhaubes made me happy until I've noticed the ugly effects of ahistorical decision made by Strat regarding Ottoman Dreadnought Sultan Osman, that is to let OE have it instead of seizing it for Royal Navy.

The consequence of seizing it is: 1 Battleship for UK and 10 to 15% swing of OE towards CP

The consequence of keeping it is: 1 Battleship for OE and 20 to 30% swing of OE towards Entente.

I agree with the historical effects of this event (people in OE raged because ottoman navy was financed directly from people pocket - iirc there was no budget for it, people voluntarily agreed to finance via fundraising etc.)

I strongly disagree with ahistorical effects of this event - in my game OE war entry dropped from 68% to 44% and diplo chit cost (150 MPP's) pretty much bars me from pulling OE into the war in 1914 and early 1915.

There's some information in the Strategic Guide that OE should join CP around march 1915 anyway, but I don't see any events that support this information.

Moreover, it creates a very convienient situation for Entente player - Entente doesn't loose MPP's from Black Sea trade for Russia, Great Britain can prepare itself better for incoming war with OE and pretty much rush into it's territory in 1915 or simply use additional resources in Europe for any means necessary. If MPP's are required at this point to pull OE into the war, 150 is a lot for CP at the beginning. So all the goodies for Entente and a poor consolation prize for CP when OE will finally enter the war - a Dreadnought on a third-rate naval theatre and many more MPP's lost for OE itself.

This event would be ok with a small, 5% WE drop for OE, but up to 30% swing is just YEEEOYEEEWAITTHESEC-WOAT?!!:eek:

Any comments regarding this one?

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- I agree with sokulsky too here: the choice should be between helping Russia at start with those +30MPPs turn or gaining a free BB. Some kind of strategic choice with a small gamble about how many MPPs Russia will get in the end.

- Given the price of a BB, around 10 turns without OE at war already balances things quite neatly so I don't see the need for an extra diplomatic penalty when UK lets the ship go.

- Another point to consider is that BB can be a burden for OE's economy as well as a NM bomb waiting to explode (ship sunk). Sure it can be dominant in the Black Sea but Russians have the means to answer in kind.

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The UK should face a NM drop from delivering a Dreadnought BB into the hands of a German minor, which probably soon will enter the war on the CP side.

In this case the CP would get the opportunity do offer the UK a great naval battle, with the goal to kick the now weakened enemy (less NM, weaker navy) out of the war.

Something like that.

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You should always tempt with a decision.


Do or don't. Offer temptations for both decisions.

Promise good things, and mention bad side effects if you let yourself tempt to decide the one or the other way.


“Make your choice, adventurous Stranger,

Strike the bell and bide the danger,

Or wonder, till it drives you mad,

What would have followed if you had.”

(C.S. Lewis, The Magician's Nephew)

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