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I'm pretty sure they are not even mailing the physical copies for 4-6 weeks after the game released.

That's what the announcement said IIRC. I do wish they would send out a heads up e-mail when they put it in the mail so that one would have some idea when to start looking for it. Just having it pop up unexpectedly in one's mail can be a little unnerving due the things that could happen to it if it sits around unsecured for a time.


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Busy week. But in approx 3 hours from this posting depart work for 4 daze (days). Maximum cigar burning, maximum alcohol comsumption and most importantly maximum CM turn rate.

LOL no doubt... I took two weekends off in May so I can experience the full weight and fury of the Russian Offensive.. and see flames licking from burning buildings set afire by flamethrowing tanks and me.. and to see a series of different Rocket attacks.

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