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New video AAR Odin v Ithikial

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Yeah, watched it this afternoon. Done quite well. You do indeed have a gift for this sort of stuff. Hope to see more.

I concur. Nicely done. Well presented. Interesting how Panzers can bog in snow. Your Mark-IV's were effectively used.

Did you notice any particular differences in the performance of crack and veteran troops?

Thank you for creating this. Good luck and good gaming.

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Glad you enjoyed it.

@badger I think crack and veteran infantry are usually more effective in fire fights, when combined with improved motivation they can be tough opponents for regulars. I think troops are imrpoved incrementally depending on their experience and motivation levels. So there is probably not a great deal of difference between a crack soldier and a vet, ut I'd probably find the crack soldiers slightly better shots etc. I also think Allied infantry will have a tough time against Luftwaffe airborne with their large number of automatic weapons, they seem to be the tiger tanks of the CM infantry world.

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On the other hand, quantity has a quality all of its own. The sheer number of troops Ithikial had left was a surprise for you because of how (relatively) expensive your own company was. Unfotunately for Ithikial, you very effectively denied him the option of using his numerical strength: well played!

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