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Looking for information on Russian tactical symbols

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My Xenophon copy of TM 30-430 is not brilliant either. So I use the set from Charles Sharps book Soviet Infantry Tactics in WW2 as a check and where I could not read them.

Can scan the pages if you want and post them with a link here.

That would be great thanks. If you prefer I will PM you with my email.

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Here's a better shot where ID'd targets have the modded icons and FOW targets do not:


No, that is all good. For the FOW icons all I did was recolour the background and add the same border as my regular icons. What you see there is as expected. I am referring to the latest pictures you embedded.

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Thanks for taking the time for making this Ian. Always "fun" to see period tactical symbols.

It's surprisingly easy to cotton on to both the German and Russian symbology. All the NATO symbols are the ultimate expression of readability might have been self aggrandising faff.

If symbols and signifiers are logical it's seems it's much easier to comprehend than say learning another language.

Cheers and again thanks.

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