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I have seen the light - I now play WEGO

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Since real time was pretty much uncontrollable with the current control system I have started playing WEGO. I am still going to love the new camera system in the EF game that is coming.

But I am actually finding the game immensely enjoyable with WEGO. It is no longer a chore to load the game up and I am starting to look forward to it now. I may yet go from occasional player to regular.

Thanks to the community for all your comments in my earlier real time threads.

Special thanks to togistan (you know who you are) from a CM steam group for convincing me

to give it another go. Certainly with large formations it makes a huge difference minute by minute at least in single player. Not sure how I will go in multiplayer with WEGO.

That will probably have to wait for the new EF TCP/IP WEGO as I have no patience for one 60 second turn a week which it is for most when I have tried it in the past.

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Glad you are enjoying it.

Recommend you communicate your turn-rate preference with your potential opponent upfront.

There are many people out there who are prepared to do a turn per day. It works out rather well most of the time - you get home from work and find out "what happened next".

Then you can spend an enjoyable 10-60 minutes watching little battle vignettes play out across the map and then plot the next set of orders. It can become a comfortable and smooth routine :)

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My problem is my routine changes and can be so hectic I may not get back to something for a week.

That really depends on your opponent. With an opponent I regularly play against, our time zines are 16 or 18 hours apart (I forget, exactly) and we usually exchange one turn per day during the week, and sometime up to five or six turns per day during the weekend. On the other hand, today I sent the first turn for two weeks because I had some other stuff going on, and both he and I seem to have those kinds of interruption every few months. It's no big deal.

Find a few people you enjoy playing against, and regularly play them. That way you can get used to each others tempos and rhythms.

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Maybe all in good time.

Togistan says he plays 20 or so games PBEM at once. For me the suspense would likely kill me.

I am the kind of guy that waits for an entire TV series and even seasons... to make sure I am not left waiting :) That can be years.

So on the one hand I am patient. On the other I like to finish things I start in fairly good order.

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Hallelujah, another convert! ;-)

Join a gaming club, is my advice. Less chance of opponents dropping games, and after a while you will find the people you prefer to play re: skill level and turn rate.

I usually have 4-6 small to medium size PBEMs going at a time, and I try to do at least a turn a day on all of them, assuming of course that my opponent can keep up with that speed. Some opponents can do several turns a day, some average a turn every two or three days.

Of course, everyone has Real Life events that crop up occasionally and slow down or completely stop all gaming for a time.

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