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Artefact of split squads merging.

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Haven't noticed this before; maybe it's always done it.

In a turn where I merged several A-and-B-teams back into full squads, once the teams merge, they lose their heirarchy info in the unit data pane, and all the merged squads highlight, if you select one of them, without highlighting the other elements of their platoons. If you double-click them, none of the elements go yellow, though if you double-click another element of their platoon that hasn't merged this turn, the newly reconstituted squad does highlight yellow as it should. The details return as soon as the BRB is pressed to end replay, so it's no real biggie, I just saved and reloaded to see if it would fix it, but the merge seems to be the culprit.

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I have't noticed this, but I have noticed that if my split squads' individual sections/teams take too many casualties, after I reunite them, I often can't re-split them again. It happens if the sections only have one or two men left each. I've only noticed this since MG, but maybe I just wasn't paying attention. It's understandable since the sections are so small, but annoying when they take up positions in adjacent action squares and you want them either together in one, or want to spread them out more.

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