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Light automatics...no fire discipline!

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Hi guys

I've just downloaded market garden and although I'm having great fun with it, there is still a problem which I was hoping would have been fixed by now....

British paratroopers still seem to be armed with about 75% sten guns. While everybody loves an SMG this seems a little over the top to me. I've tried to do some research into how a para section was armed and it seems on paper only the NCO's carried stens, the rest rifles/bren, although each battalion was allocated a large pool of extra stens.

Now this in itself wouldn't be such a major problem if it weren't for that fact that my highly trained veteran paratroopers seem intent on rattling off each magazine in a single burst against the side of a building 200 yards away!!

Same problem with brens. It seems the MMG crews with their belt fed guns and thousands of rounds seem to use their weapons very conservatively with well controlled bursts while the magazine fed guns with only a 150 or so rounds per gun insist on chewing their ammo up in 5-10 minutes.

If this is a realistic portrayal of how British paratroopers fought in an urban environment I'm rather confused about how 2 Para managed to continue the battle for Arnhem bridge for around 100 hours using only the ammunition they carried in on their backs.

Apologies for the long rant just wondered if anyone else had any opinions on this matter. I find in the current situation the Brit Para's are virtually unusable.

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Quite a few jeeps, including Army Service Corps jeeps with trailers LOADED with ammn, got to the bridge, so it wasn't just "what they carried on their backs."

There is also the ability to set covered arcs, which prevents real soldiers and pixeltruppen alike from opening up on anything they see ;)

FWIW, my troopies are pretty good about not wasting ammo, even without CAs.

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To answer one of your questions:

To simulate that realistic feel for battle, then give each Unit a 'Firing Arc' range as it will help eleviate wastful ammo expenditure. In addition, you can issue your units a 'Light Target' Order as this will also help.

ie, give your units armed with mostly SMG's; a 50 meter or less 'Firing Arc', mostly Rifles or LMG's; 100 meter or less, MMG's; 250 meters or less...Atleast, that's what I tend to do.


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The better solution may be to do the opposite. SMGs should be limited to 75 or 100 meters by default and the use of firing arcs to SMG units for when you want to take the long range shots outside of effective range.

If you could also take carefully aimed shots with SMG's in semi auto mode-if appropriate for the type of SMG carried and combine that with firing arcs we may have a solution.

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