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Montebourg Campaign question


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In the 3rd battle, I get a riff raff mixture of wheeled AA trailers, most with no 50 cal ammo, which makes them useless, and a mishmash of weakened infantry to locate and kill some 81mm mortars and fortifications. The briefing makes no mention of the AA trailers but mentions a platoon of Shermans - of which there is no sign at setup. I have to abandon the AA trailers that have no ammo just to get some extra infantry. However, even though those abandoning crews are actually inf and engineer teams that are part of existing onmap squads, they don't join together with their comrades.

In addition, only one AA trailer is mounted on a truck - don't recall if it has any 50 cal ammo. The others of course can't be moved away from their set-up zones, and any dismounted AA trailers cannot remount - so are static once the game starts.

The whole thing is very strange. Is this how the scenario begins or is there a bug - perhaps due to the latest upgrade?

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As far as I remember, this is a CMBN base game campaign. So I really don´t see how it could have AA trailers in it? My best guess would be that this is one of those strange things that happens when you install an upgrade and then load a game saved before the upgrade (but just a guess).

Like this, for instance:


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