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Sorry if this has been covered before, I tried searching but couldnt really find a definitive answer.

I'm wondering if there's any way to use a different helmet model on the Syrian infantry without switching out the entire model. Im interested in trying my hand on a few scenarios based around battles fought by the republican guard in Damascus recently, as documented by ANNA news. The republican guard seems to have adopted a Serbian m97 style helmet, and I feel that the special forces helmet model resembles this much closer. Is there any way I can use this helmet model on the base infantry model?



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No probs. Glad to help.

Hopefully they'll go well with Mord's combatants.

Submitted to the Repository today. Should be available in the next few days.


Extract from the Read me

Syrian Infantry 2013 v1.0 (CM:SF)

This download contains a rar file of amended Syrian 3D infantry models, uniforms, helmets & faces to better resemble those used by the Syrian regime in 2013 (i.e. now use the m97 helmet). It completely replaces the Syrian infantry/Republican Guard in CMSF.

It uses mods by other authors as well as myself. All credit to Birdstrike, Mord, M1A1TC and any other authors I may have missed.

It is intended for use with SCW scenarios.

WARNING: This mod alters the appearance of the reserve/regular Syrian infantry by replacing them with the 3D model for special forces. It should not be used with other Syrian infantry mods. Special forces mods are unaffected.



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Thanks very much.

I do love the ability to hex edit/model swap in CMSF.

Great work on your mod too. Nice to have the weapons swapped alongside the troops. You'll see that I've sign-posted it in the download thread for the Syrian Infantry.

It deserves that reminder :cool:

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