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  1. Hey there, Ive had CMSF installed on my laptop and my desktop for quite some time. I recently gave my laptop to my mother, but I was unable to unregister one of the modules, it just wouldnt work no matter what I did. Now my desktop hdd has become corrupted beyond recovery and nothing I tried worked to unregister CMSF from that. I copied the install folder over to a seperate hdd in case I can somehow use that to unregister everything. So my question is, is there any way to recover the license keys of either of these mishaps, or am I going to have to buy it all over again?
  2. Just wondering if theres a release scheduled for the demo?
  3. YES! This has made my day. Thanks battlefront!
  4. Im just in the process of finishing up a play though of the road to Dinas campaign, my BMP's have been relatively safe from DSHk fire throughout the campaign. Ive taken some track, optics and smoke launcher damage over the course of the campaign from .50, but nothing major other than losing one bmp and half its occupants to an ambush in the side from 20m away. In a few of the missions I was taking .50 for minutes at a time from 4-500m.
  5. This goes both ways, believing what the more western aligned factions say just because "F**k Russia/Assad" is just as much of a slippery slope to being brainwashed. The truth probably lies somewhere in between. The secret, in my humble opinion, is to maintain an open mind and come to your own conclusions. Don't let anyone tell you how to think.
  6. Thanks for taking the time to put this together, really enjoyable. Off to play some more shock force for me now!
  7. Just wow. Colour me impressed, anybody left alive after that is hardly going to be willing to put up a fight. I wonder how many howitzers it would take for a similar effect.
  8. Its heartbreaking to see this kind of thing still around. Hitler may have been right after all, the third Reich could well see its thousandth year in some shape or form. I wonder what these guys grandparents would think of them traipsing around wearing SS emblems. I know my grandfather sure as hell wouldn't be pleased to see it. Azov Battalion is absolutely plastered with the stuff.
  9. I dont think Ukraine has put many if any of its flash toys to use. It appears to me as if they might be making a pretty good attempt to kill off as many of the volunteer battalions/Maiden guys as they can. Edit: Wikipedia says they were used in action in the Donbass this year, no more info than that though.
  10. Are turns in CMBS still going to be one minute long? I cant help but feel that 60 seconds is a huge amount of time on the modern battlefield as compared to WW2. Id love to hear other peoples opinions on this as well, for or against. Its quite an interesting topic imo.
  11. This is an amazing story, reminded me a lot of some of the great escapes from WW2. Be warned there is some NSFW content. Ive gotta say this one really hit home for me, with my own 2 year old asleep in the room beside me. http://www.nytimes.com/2014/09/04/world/middleeast/surviving-isis-massacre-iraq-video.html?_r=1
  12. Its not the first time they've "officially announced" a Russian invasion, although its pretty hard to argue its not happening now. With the way the Ukrainian army has been performing against relatively small numbers of militia, they're going to get smashed right quick if Russia decides to go all out. They seem to be timing it quite nicely with whats going on in Syria, I guess hoping that everybody else is too tied up in that to stage an intervention. Personally I cant see any kind of major involvement happening from western nations unless the ruskies march on Kiev, although im far from any ki
  13. Really interesting to see international volunteers in there, I didnt really expect that. Theres a huge contrast in stories from both sides, which is to be expected I guess. It would be nice to see see some truly unbiased reporting on the situation, but the nature of the whole conflict makes that pretty unlikely to happen. Time will tell in the end I guess. Thanks to everyone for your contributions.
  14. I recently saw an interview with a Ukrainian soldier in the ATO who said they hadnt been supplied with enough uniforms, boots, food and ammunition. This could explain the rag-tag appearance. They arent very happy with their leadership right now it seems. I can dig out the interview if anyone is interested?
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