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To all players, tournament signup will close 2013-09-14

Here are the basic Rules for the fe12df56dde123381397c0a75478fa69.png Tournament:

1) Every player needs a NAME and an EMAIL ADDRESS for playing this tournament.

2) Strategic Command WWII Global Conflict Assault on Democracy, Patch v1.01, is required, please update!

3) “1939 World At War” is the Default Campaign to play. Mirror matches are helpful to find a clear winner and explicitly possible. At least only 1 single PBEM game is required.

4) “Playing time” Every match has to be finished in 105 days.

5) “Playing speed” At least 105 turns has to be played in 105 days!

6) “Victory conditions” Due to the fact that it could be difficult to finish a game in 105 days the Axis minor victory conditions decides the match. Axis minor victory conditions are (after 105 days in tournament):

Berlin, Rome, Paris, Tokyo, Seoul, Manila

Allies minor victory conditions (after 105 days in tournament). One of these cities in Allied hands (REMARK: I know that the Allies minor victory conditions are different to this but we need a clear decision after 105 days)

7) “Changing side rule” Every player has to play Axis AND Allies in the course of the tournament. After playing one side next match should be played with other side. Other agreements with opponent are possible.

Example: Player 1 played Axis and desires to play Axis in next group match too. He could try to arrange his request with his opponent. This is possible by arrangement!! If his opponent (Player 2) played Allies in first match and desires to play Axis now Player 1 must change his side.

Example: Player 1 and Player 2 both played Axis in first match and desire to continue playing Axis in next match against each other. Now alphabetical order is taken and gives the Player “Alpha” the final decision against Player “Beta” for this match. But if “Alpha” played Axis 2 times he fall behind against any player who played 1 each or 2 times Allies in any upcoming match.

8) “Group phase” Every group has 3 players. 2 games are needed to play each other. Group phase lasts from 2013-09-15 till 2013-12-31. How many players will reach the KO rounds (1 or 2 players of each group) depends on how many players sign in till 2013-09-14

9) “Default settings” Options and Advanced settings are


Any changes to this options should be arranged before starting, such as Soft build limits, Retreats, Fog of War or something like that. Script changings are not allowed!!

10) “Fair Play Rule” Any issue or gaming that defies to fair playing could lead to exclusion of the tourney.

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Great to have you in. Now we have 12 players

Amadeus, Calculon, Clausewitz, Fritz, llhnickerson, Jollyguy, Isnogud, MonsterClaude, Peter Zima, OCB, Tomi, tman

About the patch, we still have some time before starting. Some guys are on holidays.

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Amadeus: I assume 12 players is minimum and you can add more brackets if more players wish to participate. Is this correct?

Sure, 12 is good but I find a way with any other number. ;-)

Hey Monsterclaude, maybe we could start earlier. But give us some more days to practice the new patch.

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Oh, sure. I guess we could soften the starting date and be open for new players till September at the same time. When all matches of group phase are finished we starting over to next round. This could be earlier as planned now. We made it that way in tournaments before.

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Yes, that's right.

I try to do one thing without stopping another thing. In other words, starting the games in August but signing in till September and maybe building more groups. The only problem is to find a good advance.

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Tournament announcement, Tournament announcement, Tournament announcement:

Good news from battlefront for our Tournament!!!

Battlefront officially offering a $50 coupon for the Tournament Winner!

Good news from www.panzerliga.de for our Tournament!!!

German Panzerliga officially offering a $20 coupon for the best AAR written in the Forum (t)here


Could be written in German or English

So guys we say Thank You. Any new players for the upcoming tourny??

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Hi Amadeus

Having been 'prodded' by Catacol Highlander, I would be interested in joining your Tournament. I have tried sending an e-mail to the address you gave in the first post in this thread, but if that does not work, please consider this an official request to join.

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Hi Amadeus

Looking forward to the tourney, but just to say that I go away this coming Saturday for 2 weeks. Internet access in that time will be limited - 1 week is a rugby tour where I wont have any net access at all... so I will be out of action until Sat 24th August. I apologies for this - I will get fast turns going the moment I get back, but my opponents will need to know I am away.

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Amadeus: I noted comment by Highlander regarding vacation. I also will be away for a week at end of August. The reason I am writing is that many people travel in August and I would ask you consider staying with original schedule of early-mid September.

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I guess we could relax the starting date a bit. There are good arguments to do that. And we are all excited to start. But all players could go for a vacation before September and the guaranteed playing time would be the same as mentioned in the rules item 4). I will notice the date of every single match.

But it is a good idea to to give me a lead about your absence from home. I take that into account when making the groups.

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Tournament News:

We are close to start the tournament. I have some possible players to validate and I wanna make sure that you are ready to launch the tourney. We have 15 players at the moment. So maybe it would be the easiest way to make just a 1/8 Final with that number of players. But even when some players will sign in it will be easy to implement them into the Tournament. In that case we advance a 2 player bracket into a 3 player bracket. Only winners will reach the quarter.

Anyway, we could start soon with playing but this will be a kind of pre-launch. Every 2 player group could get an additional player till 2013-09-15 as regulated in the rules.

If you have a favorite player cause of holiday times or regional reasons now is the time to contact me. Pre-launching will begins about 2013-08-15. It would be very nice to publish your home region at least your country.

Zima > Australia

MonsterClaude > Canada

Ludi1867 > Canada

Isnogud > Germany

OCB > Germany

Amadeus > Germany

Calculon > Norway

Catacol > UK

Clausewitz > USA

llhnickerson > USA






Please reply me if you are really ready to play and where you come from.

@Calculon, Catacol Highlander and Jollyguy: I would be much easier for me if you send me a short email (heiko.hauptatversanet.de). Thank you!

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Hey Clausewitz: Let me say, maybe.

When we have 15 or 16 players it is the easiest way to make 8 x 2 players. When a 17th player come the way the first bracket of 2 will get a 3rd player. The 18th player will go into the 2nd bracket. You will see it in a draw very soon.

btw. I have all emails I need. Now 16 players are in. Puma from Germany is also in. Thanks guys.

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Amadeus: I would appreciate hearing other players opinions but I believe the highest level of interest in the tournament is when many players still have a vested interest. Eliminating half of the players after one match is in my opinion not the best approach. I believe participation not speed of tournament should be the goal. Three players per bracket with two advancing promotes continued involvement. I realize with 15 or 16 players this might complicate later rounds but I am confident you could overcome this issue.

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