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  1. I don't know the emails of the players I am listed as playing. Where can I find this?
  2. Patch 1.01 hasn't been released, but I'm interested. Lou llhnickersonATyahoo.com
  3. Oddly, the AI defended Petrozavodsk with about 5 units sent in by rail when I threatened it in 1941, only to pull out all but one division the very next turn. Eventually I was able to defeat the one division and take the city and push south. One army hung around the area later but the Finns destroyed it; their experience is beastly.
  4. As Axis the computer seems to leave them relatively alone in 1942. I am to the point where I am one town away from encircling Leningrad and all of Northwestern Russia in a huge pocket...
  5. B. The German hit is just enough to slow them down, but not enough to completely give the advantage to the Soviets. I am in 1942 now and I noticed that the Soviet AI, in general but especially in Winter 1941, is rather timid when counterattacking German forces. That is a bigger issue than changing the winter effects IMO.
  6. And just to confirm, after double-checking, it does affect the Finns in Finland, including the division I have guarding Helsinki.
  7. Saying the tactics in the Civil War were limited is a gross oversimplification. Although generally attacking a fixed position in the Civil War was costly/stupid, the same can be said about WW1.
  8. Now, I'm not familiar with the intimacies of the game code, or even that experienced at editing scenarios, but if I were trying to fix it I would focus on simply giving an exception to Finnish units. It is doubtful the winter would affect them no matter where they were fighting. But of course you have infinitely more experience/knowledge than I do about the game and only you can say whether or not that can be done.
  9. No, they weren't below Leningrad... Barbarossa to Berlin scenario. 88,4 and 91, 3 and that general area. Mannerheim himself even lost a step at 88, 3.
  10. Playing on Windows 8, I noticed going into 1942 that during my turn, my Axis allies' corps were appearing as armies, inexplicably. Earlier on in the game, they had appeared as corps (two soldiers). During the AI turn, they still sometimes appear as the 2 soldiers representing a corps. However, during my turn, they appear as 3 soldiers as in an army. Is it just me that is having this issue? It affects the German allies (Hungary, Romania, Finland) only.
  11. Ah...does this mean that the Soviets take the hit as well? If it's evenly applied to both sides, then there really isn't a problem. I just figured that if the Soviets can avoid it, the Finns would definitely be able to avoid it.
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