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  1. On second thought, I realized Catacol Higlander is right about smart Axis guys who might use turns/date limitation (105 turns/days) to deliberately have Allied gameplay bogged down with some astucious gambits and not bother at all with 1944-45 consequences. 105 turns goes into Sept43 only. As Clausewitz underlined, the Allies usualy need more time to get their power in motion. It wasn't a problem in my games but it could definitely become one with a non-cooperative axis opponent aiming at the 105 days deadline with slow play or gamey delaying tricks I won't reveal here. The breaking
  2. Moscow fell after much fighting. Calculon had strong units well entrenched all around and I had to send the bulk of the wermacht, all panzers, best HQ , etc and wait for supply to catch up. In a case like this, you must go for the HQs first. Calculon had 3 HQ there. Going straight for the city, if shorter, would have been way too expensive and the time apparently saved is lost anyway because you have to replenish your armies and they lose their precious experience in tough frontal assaults Once the russian HQs are gone even at some cost, the remainder can be wiped out easily. Notice I did
  3. Round1 Allies (Calculon)vs Axis (Monsterclaude) May42: Germans on their way to Stalingrad. Leningrad just fell after a long siege. Bakou should soon fall. Russians have regrouped around Moscow with shorter supply lines and well entrenched units. Now, Russians have Lev3 tank but many German units, HQ as well, have now 2-3 stars experience giving them the edge in every combat. Experience is the key for tactical superiority. Even if your opponent outsmart you with his moves and deployment, he won't be able to kill your units. At least, he will need a lot of buddies for the task. Med is
  4. Round 1 Allies (calculon) vs Axis (Monsterclaude) August 41. Barbarossa started. Put my artillery in front of Brestlitovsk. Bad choice. Kaunas is a tougher nut to crack and right in the middle of my supply path. Artillery should be have been sent there instead. Calculon chose to build russian units at the detriment of tech research. Very long term bad choice! Russian units without tech or HQ are nothing but cannon fodders. Notice my level3 tank. I could have attacked earlier but I was waiting for that just in case Calculon had lev3 too. He, then could have easily trade his own tank
  5. Oops! I meant CHESS in the above post not CHEST! I must have been gathering too many thoughts too quickly!
  6. It seems we have a bit of confusion here. Amadeus proposed and organized this AoD tourney. He set some rules to make sure it would go smoothly unlike many tourneys of this kind ( just watch previous tourneys threads, you will see what I mean). There has never been standard victory conditions agreed on for this tourney. Amadeus made these rules clear 2 months ago and I expressed concerns over these victory conditions namely the 6 cities mentioned in his post: Manila, Paris, Berlin, Rome, Tokyo, Seoul given the time length 105 turns in 105 days. All is written black on white in that post
  7. Gentlemen, I think we should keep in mind victory conditions for a Tournament cannot be based on standard ones mainly designed to give the AI opponent a chance. Frankly, does it make sense an Axis player holding only Seoul by May45 can win a tactical victory? This is for the AI, so let's be cautious here. Same thing with games time length. This is a tournament and we all have lifes out there. I know some guys can manage to play 4-5 hours a day but for most of us, forget it. So there has to be victory conditions, not necessarily with a set time limit, but surely with some score points thr
  8. ROUND1 Allies Calculon-Monsterclaude Axis I got very lucky to take Paris after many tough relentless attacks in the past turns. Finally one army reduced to 1 managed to cross the Seine bridge and parade in Paris rumble! France surrenders in May and I accept Vichy. Calculon must have regretted to hold back the Brits. It sure would have made a difference. But GB is untouched except for few mpp sunk by my U-boat, less than 80 I think. Calculon has a very good patrol system, my subs cannot find any Atlantic holes. In Africa, Italians and Brits are quiet waiting for the outcome of the french ca
  9. Round 1 Allies Calculon-MonsterClaude Axis In Asia same stuff. I had to reshuffle japanese units in 1939. Axis Strategy there is as simple as this: attack all the way! China should not have any respite. Calculon stays cool and we both notice it won't be that easy for the Japs. Chinese boys are well entrenched and my Japs suffers more than expected. Still I got some progress by June40
  10. ROUND 1 game Allies Calculon-MonsterClaude Axis Usual opening moves in fall 39. Poland fell in November39 because I left 3 polish units alone. I did not want to waste time over there because I wanted a quick conquest of Netherland and Belgium in a vain hope to catch the French unprepared. Despite my best effort, I could not attack Benelux before December. Calculon had already a defensive line by then but, fortunately for me, had no british units behind so he could not use any unit to interfer without breaking his line. In fact ,Calculon elected not to bring any british forces on Fr
  11. As we are getting closer to the 2nd Round, I guess many players have completed games. I suggest they share their experience with us in this thread. While full AAR might be too much work for most of us including me, it would be great if you guys come up with some report or descriptions of your games, finished or not. No need for pictures but you bet it is welcome! Wargaming is not just about some jeeks staring at a computer screen in the darkest corner of a room. It is mostly living an adventure just like watching a superb movie or reading a good entertaining book. If you want this tourn
  12. I would ask gentlemen involved in the AoD Tournament their opinion about our victory conditions. Here are few thoughts of mine collected over many multiplayer and hotseat games still going on. First of all, it appears extremely difficult to contain Russians let alone beat them sure enough to free up german forces for the 1943-44 allied threat. In every test I have run and 2 multiplayers I have heard of, German forces were stalled long before they can take Moscow or Stalingrad. It seems Russia has questionnable starting Tech. Anyway, we can't change it now but we can adjust victory cond
  13. It looks like a mistake to me. Mpp turns line: should'nt it be 4 turns instead of 6 ? ; This decision event only triggers if DE 602=1 { #NAME= DE 100 - UK: Response To The Formation Of Vichy France? (AI - 80% Yes) #POPUP= Office Of The British Foreign Secretary %NLord Halifax %N%NFrance has fallen and their Government has surrendered. A new Government which acknowledges the German conquest has been formed at Vichy and we have been asked to recognize this new Government. %N%NNot recognising the Vichy Government could have serious consequences, particularly as it controls most of the su
  14. Quote: Originally Posted by MonsterClaude Vichy France tile 156,80 has not changed for France after decision 201 allowing territory transfer to Free France. This is fixed as well. __________________ Looks like the same stuff or is it bug !?!
  15. Hi Amadeus, I agree with Clausewitz but the time limitation on our side ( work and family) as well as the whole span of such a tournament makes several games within a bracket almost impossible. The thing is on real full time game tournament we can afford multiple opponent in a bracket and still get away with a reasonable progression within a year. With 17 players or more, let's forget it. A solution would be to allow points per game instead of a loss/win based progression. Points could go along: -Victory or loss according to the tournament rules -definite map objectives say capita
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