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Special Download Request

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I bought the original CMBN with the really cool armor plated-tin CD box:cool:. And I also bought CW with disk/download. However, comma, I only bought the download version of 2.0. And I plan to buy CM-OMG and the final catch-all release with disk.


Can ya'll provide a printed 2.0 CD label (pdf) in the repository, so I (and others) can paste it on the backup 1.11/2.0 disk? :confused: Then it will match the other disks in the tin box. I have access to label printer and stomper.

What's the worst that can happen?...they can say no.:eek:

And one more thing no I didn't read the EULA. :D

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I too would like to use the decorative tin case for all the version 2.0 WW2 games that Battlefront has come out with.

I haven't bought the Commonwealth expansion because I'm crossing my fingers that Battlefront will offer a value package of a mixed set of FULL (not upgrade) disks for each of the 2.0 games. I'm not fond of placing the upgrade versions in the tin case because that means I also have to store the original version with it's activation number somewhere as well.

I'm not against spending my money over again to help Battlefront become a stronger force in the game making market, but I'd like to see some kind of a discount with their collection set games.

I think it was a great idea of Battlefront's to market the Tin display case; I'd like to see this become more functional.

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