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RUSI article on Shock & Surprise, small guns (leIG 18) included

John Kettler

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I couldn't find the right thread, but some time ago we had a raging debate on the effects of shock and surprise, as it applied to the introduction of a new weapon particularly. I still haven't found the Russian sources, though am leaning toward Savkin's PRINCIPLES OF OPERATIONAL ART & TACTICS.

What I have found, though, is the same sort of information in the linked RUSI piece, together with explicit references from British OR studies on Shock & Surprise. The small guns are discussed because the article is about the combat leverage such weapons could supply in places like Afghanistan.


high explosive: Shock Effect in Dismounted Combat - RUSI



John Kettler

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Rather than posting the full URL, JK* or his reptoid impersonator have posted abbreviated URLs.

They can be found if you search for the PDF title in the linked domain's homepage.

*I think he's using text editor program to create his message and then copy&pasting it into the forum's message box resulting in a mangled mess without checking what he's posted.

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