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New file at the Repository: The Fortified Backyard of Gela (2012-09-14)

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Thanks for your comments and for playing this.

@Childress: since this is a tiny map and trying to avoid an excessively hot start with the Italians retreating north, I gave the player no option of a setup zone. I read a comment at the repository regarding this and I agree that scenario time is wasted picking up ammo. Is that it regarding the lack of setup zone? I will correct that.

As for the "crack" US Rangers, I hear you. Maybe I was trying to compensate for my own tactical shortcomings. :) In my caseThose MGs were very though to throw anything but crack troops onto them.

Also, I am not too fond of the scoring setup ...

Thanks for your feedback. Much appreciated!

P/S: Link to my AAR of this scenario:


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