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  1. Yeah, same here. FRAPS to capture and something else to edit.
  2. I took two of the "funnies" (Sherman Crab and Churchill AVRE) for a spin. See a video at my blog or at YouTube for high definition. http://kriegsimulation.blogspot.com/2014/11/combat-mission-battle-for-normandy.html This is just a test, no tactical, historical or things of the like are intended. The map and scenario are custom-made and looking half-decent, actually. I may compile this setup as an scenario. Cheers,
  3. Hi, Sorry to hear that you are having problems with the scenario. I saved the scenario with CMFI plus the "3.0", most up to date version of the game. Forgot to add a compatibility warning into the file description ...
  4. Hi, Even when your question was answered, and blowing my own horn here, this is a short feature about triggers I posted at my blog just yesterday. The new trigger system in Combat Mission Red Thunder Hope it is useful to somebody. Cheers,
  5. Thanks for your comments and for playing this. @Childress: since this is a tiny map and trying to avoid an excessively hot start with the Italians retreating north, I gave the player no option of a setup zone. I read a comment at the repository regarding this and I agree that scenario time is wasted picking up ammo. Is that it regarding the lack of setup zone? I will correct that. As for the "crack" US Rangers, I hear you. Maybe I was trying to compensate for my own tactical shortcomings. In my caseThose MGs were very though to throw anything but crack troops onto them. Also, I am no
  6. Hi Erwin, Best if blue against red AI. I would have to modify the setup areas for H2H (at least for the red side). Thanks, JC
  7. Thanks, Franko. I hope this is helpful for the scenario designers out there.
  8. Hola! For these tests, the only thing the Afghans and Germans had was a "advance" AI order given via the scenario editor. They chose their waypoints within the game. Cheers, JC
  9. Congrats BF on the new module. Having a lot of fun with it! Maybe this is already known by the expert scenario designers here (thanks for those great scenarios) and if it is I apologize for the misuse of bandwidth. But this is something I have been testing since back to CMSF and I see a huge improvement now. Maybe it was there for CMBN already. I just noticed it in the CW module. Here is the thing: to have the AI to use a wooded area for a covered/concealed approach it seems like the terrain tiles below the trees need to be of the "light/heavy woods" type. For the first time I've
  10. Ey! That's my blog. Thanks for the referral. That entry is halfway done. More is coming (free time is an issue). Did you see these? http://kriegsimulation.blogspot.com/2011/07/combat-mission-battles-for-normandy_30.html http://kriegsimulation.blogspot.com/2011/08/combat-mission-battles-for-normandy.html Cheers,
  11. Wargamer.com is not supposed to be mainstream ... At least it was not in the past. But I agree the review reads like from someone in a mainstream publication.
  12. Demo doesn't start in my W7 i7 ATI Radeon 5730. There is something with Combat Mission demos and my machine. I could never run CMA's demo, but the full CMA game ran from day one without a hitch. Waiting for the release, then.
  13. Well, I bought the full version and it works fine in the W7 rig (the one that didn't play the demo). Is there a splash screen in the full game? If yes, it is bypassed in my computer. Maybe in the demo there is no chance to bypass it (I'm thinking on the "buy now" nagging screens) and that's why the game hangs? Anyway, off to play. Cheers, JC
  14. Hi Schull, I tried to migrate CMSF/Marines/BritishForces to my new rig and couldn't because the license was in use. My plan now was to buy CMA, install it in my new W7 rig (to see if it by chance works as a full installation) and if it doesn't work just install it in my old XP rig. I fear the new W7 rig may eat my license. Cheers,
  15. Gah! Now I cannot place an order because my e-mail account is already in use. Too much for one night. Cheers,
  16. What do you say GI Jas, give it a try and buy it to see if the full version installs something missing in the demo? I could do that, I still have the old XP rig after all. But I fear a e-license activation/deactivation nightmare ... Is there anyway to make this any more difficult? Cheers,
  17. The intro is just a splash screen, this shouldn't be a codec issue (?). I really would like to play and review this game for my blog, but with my new W7 machine not the old XP one. Cheers,
  18. Hi, Same problem here. It runs OK in my old XP but not in my new Windows 7 rig. All drivers up to date in my new rig and have no problems whatsoever with other games and sims. What codec that would be, I wonder? Would installing CMSF in my new rig help? Cheers,
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