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Feature Request!

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I dont know how hard these would be able to implement and I know there are possibly hundreds on the "to do list".I would like to see these two:

Since I love the camera controls and use the 180 degree change button alot, I find my self scrolling 90 dgrees quite often.Simply hit a button for 90 degree change.

And I would love an estimated casualty report during the game that you can pull up anytime.You can obviously figure it out mannualy which is tedious.One click I'd like to see something like this:


6 17 2 2

Combined with a list of squads , the squads with the worst casualties at the top.

Maybe its dreamland but I would like it.

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Would be nice, if you look at the HQ units the Battalion HQ in particular he has those bars that show personnel strength, morale, condition, suppression and all those that change throughout the fight. So all the data is probably there including casualties so some type of Situation Report that you can toggle whenever you want could include all this info in raw numbers, average ammo, morale and so on amongst the Battalion.

For platoons or squads that have no contact the SitRep can show "Cut Off - No Contact" or whatever all the information is there and can be obtained and analyzed but some type of overall battle condition report would be mighty cool.

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