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DHS List of Monitored Word & Phrases (R2, we're doomed!)

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Am posting this to let you all know our gaming and grog discussions may be giving DHS fits. You'll understand why when you read this list released after a FOIA suit.


Having given it a quick perusal, I find many of our discussions routinely use words and phrases from the list. Weirdly, even our recipe thread could cause government angst. Check out the link, where many surprises await.


John Kettler

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Twice a year we run an online role playing game for our students of Middle East Politics. It's a closed browser system, but we still notify the Australian intelligence services of when it's running because it causes an enormous spike of such keywords on particular servers/domains.

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A place I know of has all outbound-bound email automatically vetted, to ensure an appropriately bland corporate style is being used. When an email runs afoul of the filter, an automated email comes back with a 'naughty word score'. Different words get different scores, the instances are totaled up to give an overall score. The guys who run it do have a mild sense of humour though, and have a FAQ with answers like:

No we are not homophobic, sexist, racist, etc. the policy is an equal opportunity robot and will notify you regardless.

Please don't abuse or apologise to reputation protection for swearing, it's a computer it has no feelings. That is unless it makes you feel better?

No, **** is not in common use in the English language and is not part of good business language, no matter how often you use it in your day to day life. So, no we won't remove it from the lists.

Yes, we were really surprised that that txt/email/server log dump contained all those swear words too. Who would have thought?

No we're not kidding, it really is an offensive word.

No, I'm not keeping score. Please stop asking who's winning.

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