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out of memory

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I have a Acer aspire 5810T, 4gb ram, ati mobility radeon 4330 with 512 ram, intel centrino 2... I can play CMBN _CW about 30 minutes after this time i have a freezy and after a crash to desktop. I tried any different resolution, now i am at fast video graphic resolution.. but the game not play correctly. In effect i wrote you for a similar trouble with CMBN, end your wise man suggest me to istall the latest drives, but the problem still remain .....I cannot use this game in my notebook

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Sadly notebooks and netbooks really aren't suited to gaming. Your graphics card is going to struggle especially with only 512ram.

I honestly believe your asking to much of it. Though out of memory was something that cropped up as an issue and it maybe that issue your experiencing. However I'd be more inclined to say you notebook just isn't powerful enough for the job.

Someone else will chime in with regards to your problem. Also go to the helpdesk.

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What operating system are you running? What scenario are you trying to play? You're basically describing one of my gaming machines (although as Wodin points out, laptop video cards can be anemic to put it mildly, so your mileage can vary widely), and the game runs fine on it.

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The game play good with my notebook especially now with graphic resolution at fastest, but after different minutes (20/30 minutes) the game ctd. I taste different scenarios.... same end. But I noted especially after a save game....

If the game is crashing after 20/30 minutes on every scenario you try - it may not be the game. Have you updated your drivers? Does your laptop get hot to the touch while playing? 3D games can heat up a video card - if your laptop is already running hot it could cause all sorts of problems.

Also again, your operating system and other specs would be useful.

You asked for help, then you were asked about technical specs from the developer and then you ignore this help? Where are you coming from, out of a JUNGLE?!

Providing information we ask for *does* generally help. I suspect he just missed the request though.

Lost in translation?

Quite possibly.

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