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  1. One more thing, maybe an area or linear target selection four crew manned weapons. So you could give a HMG, MMG, grenade launches, ( crew served), etc. more suppression. It would even be nice for IFV to have this also , not just blasting a single point. You could hose a tree line before the tanks go by.
  2. I know this has been mentioned many times but , maybe a rolling barrage could be set up. Like now you can set pre start point, area, linear zones,with duration, saturation, and purpose. Seems like a rolloing barrage tile could be added under the arty selection ,point,area,linear,...rolling. You can Set these at the beginning , or even mid game , providing LOS after start. Just have the , rolling tile , allow multiple entries ,after you set the the tube, type,duration , general personnel, and the time. The time selection , immediate, five , ten , fifteen min , could be linked to a adjust fire command , and you set the next waypoints , up to four. just without the spotting and recieving time delay , there could be a briefer preparing delay , coordinate adjustment only. So with what is currently in the game, almost, you could at least set up four linear,area,or point rolling barrages. And this would most likely have to be set before turn one starts , as LOS , unless you have multiple drones, prevents you now from making just ,coordinate strikes , all over the map.
  3. Isn't there away to move troops from one vehicle to another on set up phase ? Have not seen that in manual
  4. Thanks for the help , the help ticket guy helped a bunch , he showed via a photo where to activate the module, but I have not been able to find those files yet Lol
  5. Holy crap WORKING , I got game on !!!!!! , unfortunately I have to secure a screened in porch from Raccoon excursions, they are bitting through pet proof screening with chicken wire backup , gotta hang some hardware cloth. Thanks all
  6. The only place the CMBS installer files , I see , are in 7 zip , when I originally download from the email it had a move to : with a few places available on (new) laptop - I first chose internet explorer, would not open , then wordpad , would not open , then when someone posted about putting them in 7zip that's were the files (15) of them rested. Since I thought all the crazy moving around of the files corrupted them , I reset computer to factory setting ( again it was new except CMBS). So I got 7zip app this am before I re downloaded BS and same error. Are you saying RAR files are somewhere else and 7zip ? I have moved the files from 7zip to desktop , because I had no open with bandizip option with files in 7zip. I say in 7 zip because when I double click the 7zip app icon I see the installer file and double click that the 15 files. So so when you ask if the installer is in . Zip , I have no ideal what that means. I was expecting this game to pop up on my desktop with a CMBS icon and I click and play ( once originally downloaded I had the option of moving the installer files in the choice given on the first or so posts on this thread. And I chose what a chosed till you guys started helping
  7. Thanks , now just a question , since I have it in 7zip , would I just move the install to bandizip or uninstall 7zip and re download from BF email to bandizip ?
  8. So help desk suggests bandizip , says problem likely 7zip , so bandizip not in Microsoft App Store , so any other suggestions
  9. So after laptop reset to factory settings , and down load this morning still getting same error with instillation, yesterday when I got the game to load I choose to skip that file , but game crashes during intro page. Made a help ticket
  10. I am the last person to help ( very computer illiterate) , I have been trying to play Black Sea since purchasing Saturday ( new laptop arrived Friday ) - see my post in the general discussion forum - just bought Black Sea now what ? My instillation downloads are on my purchasing email from BF , along with activation code and order number - itmay take a while for people to respond to you , I had more than 20 views before people started to help - I made mistakes, still not able to install game yet, but last ditch effort this am going on. good luck , you could tag members who responded to me , but that would be up to you, and I can't speak for how much admin. Work they want to do , but they were very helpful to me
  11. Gonna try one more thing ,since this was a new laptop I am going to reset it to original files , then I will try down load again , what I am getting now is during installation it say there is a missing file related to me local time , temp. Picture is too big to post an error occurred while trying to read the source file
  12. Now , does steam send the download in an email or you download it on the spot at purchase , I ask because I like to use my IPad to purchase, but I access my mail and download to my new laptop
  13. Yup , I also remember, I get 2 activations , I think I can download as any times as necessary. But steam looking better , if after I purchase it , I hit a download button on their email and it pops up on my desktop without giving me a chance to screw it up. I think maybe original files corrupted with the multi transfers between internet explorer and wordpad
  14. So uninstall the game and all original installation files ?
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