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  1. Fail safe Twilights last gleaming By Dawns early light The Wild Geese is that period in Africa
  2. Korean War would be great , mostly WW2 stuff , as far as infantry is concerned , would need vehicle and some arty upgrades for the US/S. Korean side. Communist forces and maps would be the build. I think Black Sea could mod out a " what if" of a modern Korean conflict. Hey you could kill 2 birds with one stone, mostly, map wise.
  3. New here so , why has Battlefront never done a WW2 Pacific campaign?
  4. To be sure ...... I think ........... most ( including myself ) hope , maybe pray, that a first module would include - the entire NATO forces in the theatre ( Germany) and the ...............likely Warsaw Pact forces in theater, . With the possibility of conquest of Germany , and dare I mention an excursion into a possibly secondary nation or three. .....that may be a battle pack.
  5. Take a look at the prices of those games on EBay , when they come up, compared to other games in the genre
  6. While the premise of a North American invasion in the late 70’s - early 80’s was not practical as history has played out. That does not negate a “what if “. What if the oil embargo extended through the 80’s, ( would have made the colonial pipeline shutdown almost a life style )operation Eagle Claw succeeded , Reagan was defeated ( wife dabbled in the occult, frowned on by moral majority), unemployment rose even higher , interest rates stayed between 17-20 percent ( yes , they were that high once ) all the government spending goes out for social relief, half the fleet mothballed, Panama Canal becomes non navigational, Armed forces size cut in half , Central and South America democracies fail, dogs and cats living together , human sacrifices...... really what I was saying is Combat Mission is the PERFECT system for enjoying tactical warfare defending interstate 95 North to prevent Cuban/Warsaw Pact/Soviet forces for getting to DC. Point is , this is a great gaming opportunity. And a generally popular theme.It would be a missed opportunity of gaming history. It’s not Red Dawn ( far too small a venue with partisans ) but the Airborne ambush of the US armored column to relieve “ Calumet” would be ( if you remember that from the movie ). As far as logistics go , be it Argentina/Brazil/Venezuelan alliance, with arms, oil , manpower from Central America, Extraterrestrial support - create your own theory.we would just have to deal with 3 Soviet tank corps crossing into the Montana/North Dakota boarder. IMHO
  7. Well it was that or take JFK back with me and have him assassinate himself like in Red Dwarf
  8. Save Archduke Ferdinand, prevent WW1 and WW2 , no bulschvick revolution , but we would probably have a king of the world by now
  9. I know it's a dream , but a Cold War gone Hot - man it fits perfect, who doesn't want to invade the US , very popular with the " Modern Warfare" game crowd and who in the USA doesn't want to be a Wolverine ? tried to quote , but failed
  10. I would like to see the module or modules 1. Soviet drive to Paris and Antwerp ( intro to NATO and Warsaw Pact forces) with airborne/air assault forces 2. Invasion America ( SPI's very popular game from 1976 ) - selected scenarios :i.e. Canadian/US border , invasion in southern/gulf area US from Cuba or Central America , crossing the Mississippi, strategic points, ect. not asking too much for a new guy, Lol i think maybe BS could expand into a modern Korea engagement (off topic)
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