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  1. I'm still working with German armored vehicles. With the part where Battlefront doesn't want to fix his bugs . Stug 3 and sdkfz 251. besides, I've got a lot of work to do right now. So that Soviet tanks will not soon.
  2. So set another mod on the turret. Or not all the original texture files have been replaced and the game paints the tank with pieces of them.
  3. Too many other plans. Soviet tanks and another revision of the winter buildings. As well as decals on armored vehicles.
  4. Download "Winter 44 GER units 1.7.brz" and "Winter 44 USSR units 1.6.bzr" and unpack.
  5. 1.7.2 Minor update to the Hungarian army, adding a camouflage jacket.
  6. Sometimes it's funny. Sometimes very insulting. The file size on CMMODS cannot exceed 500 MB. Mod takes 7 GB. I am forced to use the existing file sharing for your convenience. Forced to spend your traffic and your time to download 7 GB in a convenient way in one place without a heap of links to 100 MB. You have to be a little more trusting of people or just walk away. Mirror on MEGA - https://mega.nz/#F!4UxBlCLC!uxibUJUM78CgiEctkslXPw
  7. Download 1 file per time. Or check files on 4 Gb max.
  8. Danube blues Classic v6 - new capture zones and reinforcements - Time 25 min ---> 1 hour
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