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  1. fair enough. i was curious so thats why i asked
  2. oh okay... i thought both games were made / distributed by the same company (seeing TOW forums here as well)
  3. Hello ok first of all.. Theater of war is on steam so that is the reason i am asking this here. Why have the Combat Mission games not placed on steam? i understand that steam takes a cut from the sale. so is that the reason why CM games are not put to sale on steam or is their some other reasons behind it?
  4. a NATO module.. adding some more nations.. it will be logical imo.. like.. the conflict gets spread or out or of control as a result of which some of the immediate NATO nations like france, germany and UK engages in europe while the US pulled back to regroup and reinforce.
  5. yes i have figured that out. my point is that not everyone knows how to do it so maybe a simple FAQ can help the newcomers?
  6. so i simply copy paste the whole folder into the user data/mods/z? or individual files?
  7. can you please mention where to put the downloaded files? as i did download one of the files but it had no readme so i cannot figure out where to put them. thanks
  8. downloading it now... @Imperial Grunt... your campaign is also listed here http://www.thefewgoodmen.com/tsd3/cm-black-sea-add-ons/task-force-spartan-resolve/ whats the difference? also.. can anyone tell me where to put the files once downloaded
  9. i have CMBS ... that is for CMBN of fortress italy?
  10. makes sense..in that cause its just CMFI + GL for me then ...
  11. well i will go for the CMFI+GL initially and then the upgrade.. .. only reason is that the bocage terrain looks scary to me (after seeing videos and playing the demo)... and if i get addicted to it (like you all say) i will save in next few months and then get CMBN or bocage if thats out... thanks people for your guidance.. the only other option i see is to get the base game for them both initially and then slowly (when i get the money) buy the modules one by one... yes i know it will be costly in a longer run but atleast i will have both games at the same time to play...
  12. from content i meant missions and pretty much that.. quick battle missions, maps and campaign.... units will be more offcourse .. but the play time that is.. i havent done any user created content thought (i have combat mission black ea already) going for all three modules is very difficult for me as i already am stretching my budget with $90.. for some reason i dont like the common wealth countries so i wont be playing them (unless the CW module gives more US and german units)
  13. Hello i have to make a purchase between the following two games. CMBN+ Market garden ($90) CMFI+gustave line ($75 with the v 3.0 upgrade) now what i am confused about is simply this. which one has more content? from content i mean more missions and campaigns?? Also are there airborne units in fortress italy? like 101 and 82? thanks
  14. thanks..will download the demo tomorrow from my workplace..
  15. guys come on..i am not here to start an argument on what they do or what they dont do.. i just wanted to know.. and got my answer.. tbh i amore than happy with what i got..i will save money and buy itlater on..so no harm done here atleast.. Combat mission shock force is worth getting?? secondly for some reason i cannot access battlefront website from home (forums only) but i can access it from my workplace..so i will see it on monday
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