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  1. Hi there Been away from CM for over two years, the last contact I had with the technical stuff was when I bought all of the engine upgrades for all of the titles - I checked today and , for instance, I happen to have engine 4 for FI, but I haven't reinstallewd the GL addon - some two and half a year ago if I can recall. Only a couple of days ago I got back to CM: SF and not because of the update. I had actually scrapped the idea of upgrading that before, but I guess I have just changed my mind. The thing is I don't seem to recall where I had stored my license numbers. Will that be recoverable in my BF customer account?And if I happen to have the game installed - thus licensed - currently with all of the official addons and I buy the full upgrade module - will I have to type the license at some point while upgrading or the installer is going to look for the license file in the existing game folder? I ama ssuming nothing has changed regarding the older custom scenarios playable with the engine version 4? I read at the forums that yes, they are - has anyone confirmed that?
  2. Hello burroughs,

    Interested in playing CMBN, FI, or RT, up to Reinforced Company, Meeting, QB's.

    I also use Dropbox for Game File exchanges, and can do 1-2 turns daily.


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