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  1. So--I decided to queue up Hot Mustard just to see what it like. (It's Big. Big enough to make my i7 actually work). I immediately liked the map as it allows plenty of room to maneveur the way I wanted and with many choices to approach objectives. I decided to run my companies as per doctrine--2 platoons up and 1 back. Approaching an area where I was sure I'd make contact, I left the supporting platoon back about 200 meters so it could react unseen. As my 2 leading platoons neared the tree-line, I seperated out a single fire team from each and sent them scouting. They met a warm reception an
  2. Is it just me or do 30 cal MGs have trouble knocking anything/anyone down? My thought is that they are much better for supression than they are for doing actual damage (which is still quite helpful). I've had many battles where an MG fired well over 1000 rounds but still came up with big, fat zero...
  3. I always wondered about that and thought those assets weren't directly linked to the platoon leader. It's nice to be able to have that mortar team loiter a little farther from the front line and still be able to communicate with it. It doesn't make as much of a difference with the MGs but from what I understand, they were usually an element of weapons platoon and occaisionaly attached to a platoon as needed. All in all, I like the change as well.
  4. One of the big problems regarding air support for Sicily and Salerno was that Eisenhower didn't have control over the air forces. He had to basically beg for any support. He vowed not to let that happen for Normandy. For the invasion of Salerno, Spitfires (the primary air cover) had to fly out of Sicilian airfields which was quite a hump for them. They could only loiter in the combat zone for about 10 minutes before needing to return to base. There were a couple escort carriers with Seafires at Salerno but the pilots were so over-worked that they had something like 40 deck crashes. That led
  5. Thanks! I live about 30 miles out of Hayward.
  6. Over egging the pudding? Me? (Perfect use of the metaphor)!
  7. Good point I failed to mention. It's always the SMG that get me in these situations. I just "wish" that the assault team had better awareness that the bunker crew would probably exit and so they'd be ready for it. I bet that'd be a tough one to code though. In any case--not a game breaker at all. I like your idea of hitting it with small teams. I break squads all the time so I should have tried that. At the least, I could try sending in just an assault team so I wouldn't lose so many guys from the squad...
  8. Brutal was too kind of adjective for the fight my lads had been dealt. I had forced them forward relentlessly with no regard for weeping and gnashing of teeth. There simply was no choice. That bunker had to be neutralized and these men were the only ones available to get the job done. They had already taken out that those pesky ammo carriers from that IG crew on the left flank and now the bunker lay just 30 meters to their right. With no LOS to my squad and bazooka team the bunker had no way to stop the imminent assault on their happy hiding hole. I lowered my binoculars long enough to ligh
  9. I really didn't have too much of a problem with pistols being too effective in the game (they are) until last night when a lone officer destroyed one of my half tracks with his P38. I had to roll my eyes at that one. (no grenades were thrown--range was 25-30 meters).
  10. ..and where ever you place an AT Gun, the enemy armor will choose a different path so you never get a glimpse of them.
  11. Turn 3: While moving my front line squads to contact my HMG team waits in the rear along some bocage. It's a nice, out-of-the-way spot to have a smoke before being called up to the line. The 1st squad moving out of cover draws a burst of fire from a sharp-eyed MG42 Gunner somewhere around Hamburg. The burst misses its intended target but one round passes through 2 very narrow breaks in the bocage, over a fence and takes out my HG gunner who has just lit his Lucky Strike. It drops him like a sack of spuds. The MG team looks for the water cooled mg only to discover that it was also hit and now u
  12. Congratulations to Battle Front. I believe the 10/10 is richly deserved!!!
  13. This is truly a great scenario! I played it it in WeGo as there is a "bit" too much to handle in RT for my tastes. I'm finding that I like the larger battles in CMx2 better than I did in the CMx1 series. It's just a better game all-around IMO. Probably due to superb map making/AI plan by the developers and the fact that BF gave them excellent tools to work with Great Job! I look forward to playing it again!
  14. I ran into a couple of those bad boys last night. I didn't have any direct HE on them though but found that small arms works ok to suppress the occupants. At one point, the the only target I had on the map for troops to shoot at was the last bunker (other enemy troops had broke and pulled back). I had literally 7-8 squads, 2 HQ's and 3 MG's open up on it for 2 minutes solid. I put myself in the bunker for a whole WeGo minute to see what it was like and had a laugh fest. Boy--were those Germans ever chattering away at each other!!! I don't think the things they were saying began to cover th
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