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  1. are you doing anymore work on your ramadi map? sorry for off topic.
  2. will there be any more Scenarios involving this map?
  3. yep avg acting the donkey scroat thanks a mill:D got it sorted
  4. done what you said there does not seem to be an exe in there everything else seems to be there :mad:
  5. this may sound brain dead retarded but where and how do I do that?
  6. its like the exe is missing or i just cant find it
  7. it just brings me into the folder it wont launch game
  8. my short cut keeps saying that my files have been moved even tho they have not
  9. +1 aswell I think most people are playing cmbn at the mo so we will have to wait for them to come back to this.
  10. I heard that before and A guy on another form told me if there was an Itallian rifle like that would be worth a fortune
  11. Yea its not a bad place to live apart from the weather is bad most of the time only place with worse weather is Scotland potato's are good, was joking earlier about the surrender thing never been to France beleve the south is nice
  12. we have always been neutral, We are one of the few counties to beat the British to win Independence, and we did not have a real army. must have been all the potato's we eat:D
  13. because if you would play as the french your troops would just surrender automatically
  14. its the 9th mission in its a night mission if you look at the Tactics section at the top called walkthrough have a look it might jog your memory.
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