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  1. I'd read that as sarcastic. Being hit by a bunch of Bazalts would be comparable to coming under gun fire from a sister Iowa. ^^
  2. The 'dead' unit icons could be an option on the "view unit icons" toggle, so it'd go "all unit icons" (drawing 'dead' unit icons with some visual cue) then "all active unit icons" (like current default) then "no unit icons."
  3. If something on a computer is valuable to you and irreplaceable, back it up. Always. Maybe twice. Saves a lot of heartbreak.
  4. It does, but it takes such a long time to load it that any performance gain for a single run is lost - it makes loading Windows look like loading a CM map - I had to use a 12Gb file for it. For my next trick I'll try a USB 3 stick - but like sfhand I'm worried about upsetting the DRM, even though it doesn't seem to have taken notice so far.
  5. ...yeah, trying the full thing now, seems to be running very nicely from RAM disk. Starting a QB wasn't instantaneous but it was much quicker than when running from HDD. (though ofc I did have to copy the game to the RAM disk first!)
  6. I haven't tried as the disk space on the freeware RAM disk I used isn't big enough to hold CM - I just copied across one of the .brz files and one of the mod tools to access it. I think that if you have CM already installed and activated on a machine and you then make a complete copy of the program folder to a RAM disk, you would be able to run it. In the spirit of experimentation I tried making a copy of my CM:FI folder to another location on the HDD and running CM from it - that worked fine (it ran, showed the GL module as installed, and launched a QB). I think therefore that the activation is per machine, not per 'complete installed path on the machine' (that would be kinda overkill anyway!) and that there's nothing in the registry that compels CM to run from the location it was first installed to, which is good. Watch this space.
  7. I was using the freeware version of Dataram's RAMdisk. There's a 4Gb cap on the freeware version. Bit drastic but might be that with a full CM install onto it it'd be handy for map editing or trying different QB combinations.
  8. Did some messing around for illustrative kicks. I tried rezexploding FortressItalyv100A.brz (about 2Gb) in different places: about 60 seconds running from HDD. about 20 seconds running from SSD. about 10 seconds running from RAM disk.
  9. I played right through C&F. Didn't manage 'School of Hard Knocks' and found the follow-up difficult. Erwin, if the final scenario is the one I'm thinking of (big combined arms assault, town on the left side with the cathedral/town square at the far end, open on the right, minefields) I thought it was excellent; but I might be confusing that with one of the other campaigns.
  10. Well said. This place can be reactionary. I think some of it stems from earlier times when there were a lot of 'old' CM fans coming on to rant about how awful 'new' CM is. Some of it was justified - CM:SF has needed heavy patching - some of it still is justified, but a lot of it wasn't and it's probably why some people are excessively defensive against any criticism of CM, even though BF make no claim to perfection. (Their approach is a hard-nosed "we do what we can do, when we want to, if we think it'll sell, and we don't do things if we don't expect a return.") Anyway, WOOHOO! I was sure I'd read on the forum that GL was the last and only planned module for CM:FI and I'm delighted to learn that that's not likely to be the case. I'm also missing the Italians!
  11. I put my attempt at the campaign on hold after playing half an hour or so of this scenario. I'll go back to it but of the four GL campaigns it looks to be the least 'fun' - fair enough, given it's Cassino and all, but a lot of stress keeping the little buggers out of the way of mortars and machinegun fire.
  12. I've lined up some Shermans and had them shot at for a bit with a range of Italian weaponry. Had some tanks at slightly different elevations to ensure they were hit all over. At very close (200m) range, shooting until ammunition runs out or for up to ten minutes: 20mm ATR: Frontally: is occasionally able to penetrate the lower front hull, but never does any significant damage. At 45 degrees sidewards: can score partial penetrations on the upper side hull. Can result in mobility kills if its in a position to hit the wheels. At 90 degrees side on: can penetrate the upper left hull and kill the tank given time. 20mm Breda autocannon: Frontally: can occasionally penetrate the lower front hull, can score partial penetrations on the weapon mount. Given time will mobility kill the tank. 45 degrees: Given time will mobility kill the tank. 90 degrees: can penetrate the upper left hull and kill the tank. 37/21 Puteaux: I would have liked to test it, but I couldn't convince my test Renaults to open fire much - for the most part they just sat there with the commander hanging out of the turret. Firing on them with small arms made them button, but that was it. Every now and then one would stir itself to fire, in which case it would bounce off even the side armour - but I didn't see enough volume of fire to judge whether that was the rule. 37/40 Vickers: Frontally: No penetrations, no significant damage. 45 degrees: Occasionally scores a partial penetration on the upper side armour. No significant damage. 90 degrees: Can penetrate the upper side armour and kill the tank. 47/32 cannon: Frontally: Can penetrate the lower front hull and can partially penetrate the upper front hull and weapon mount. Given time will kill or mobility kill the tank. 45 degrees: Can penetrate the upper side hull and partially penetrate the lower side hull, can penetrate the side turret. All my test tanks were mobility killed but not destroyed. 90 degrees: Can penetrate the side turret and kill the tank. None survived sustained fire. 65/17 infantry gun: Frontally: Can penetrate the front turret and lower front hull with HEAT rounds and kill the tank. There aren't many HEAT rounds so this is rare; the remaining HE is enough to mobility kill the tank given time. 45 degrees: Can partially penetrate the upper side hull. I didn't test as many of these as of the front armour so its possible I missed penetrations by HEAT. In any case, HE is enough to mobility kill the tank given time. 90 degrees: Can penetrate the upper left hull and kill the tank. 75/18 cannon: Frontally: Can penetrate the lower front hull, upper front hull and weapon mount, can kill, mobility kill or firepower kill the tank. 45 degrees: Can penetrate the upper side hull and side turret and kill the tank. None survived sustained fire. 90 degrees: Can kill the tank. None survived sustained fire. 90/53 cannon: All aspects: Take a wild guess what happens. ^^ Think I'll do some longer range testing in a bit. I'm keen to find how to stop Shermans reliably with the Italians - the big gunned TDs tend to die in practice 'cause they're too slow to react.
  13. In game: Either type of cannon works against the lighter armour and against infantry. Neither can destroy a Sherman from the front, though if you get lucky you may immobilise the tank. The AT gun can sometimes beat Sherman side armour. I'm bored. I'll do some testing.
  14. I realise it's later, but the thread reminded me of this fella who changed tanks many times as they were KO'd.
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