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  1. I understood "move" was supposed to allow infantry to be more likely to stop if under fire, but it seems they just transition to "quick".
  2. From what I read they used to group two SP battalions and an MLRS into a "Brigade Artillery Group" ("BrAG") to support a motor rifle brigade. I guess this has changed, or was it wrong from the beginning? The book I was thinking of (The Russian Way of War, Grau & Bartles, 2017) is partly constructed around some apparent Russian military education slides posted on some random hosting website amongst other scanned educational stuff if I remember, that the author downloaded and translated. I found them myself following his bibliography link, they were still there! They could even be dis-info. So one vehicle stays with the battery, one goes to the battalion. If the spotter teams go forward to the line, do they leave the vehicle behind, take another vehicle, or ride along with the infantry? It is not used for driving about to spot or lase or gps targets then I guess, or not at the front anyway, more as a communications/command-post/hub. Was I right that the SP artillery would mainly be used for pre-planned missions and not call-for-fire?
  3. If it's just with BS then perhaps there is something out of our hands particular to it. All I can suggest is messing with graphical (including anti-aliasing) settings, increasing the priority the game runs at in task manager by one notch, etc. The river crossing mission (any huge mission with buildings really) is more or less unplayable for me, but then I expect that as my PC is old. Then again the game is old too!
  4. Do you have mods installed? You could check if any have peculiarly high resolution textures.
  5. Try turning off "show objectives" (ALT+J I believe), that improves performance for me, as well as messing with the texture and 3D settings. I find input is affected when performance is poor in general.
  6. I have seen these around from time to time but I found a list by the original author of some Soviet/Russian orders of battle done in pixel art style. The list is here: http://shipbucket.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=20&t=1941&start=40#p81071, unfortunately many of the links are broken but the images remain in the thread. A self propelled artillery gun battalion as an example: There are many more threads like this on the forum, including similar OOB for US Army (http://shipbucket.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=27&t=3119), British Army (http://shipbucket.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=27&t=3079) and Ukrainian Army (http://shipbucket.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=27&t=8464). As an aside, I believe there are normally two of these plus an MLRS battalion (plus extras when needed) grouped together to support a brigade, so if you like commanding Battalions (which sometimes attack with only two companiees up front) you should expect at least 18, if not 36 tubes (plus something to replace the rockets) chewing up the ground in front of you! It looks like each battery has two observation vehicles that I imagine would go to one of the three battalions in the brigade. I understand they are mostly used for pre-planned fires, with more dynamic stuff being called in by company commanders I imagine, though I may be wrong.
  7. I am moving my backups of some Black Sea mods to a new location. If any of the included authors with me to desist, please PM me and I shall do so. I took the liberty of renaming some seemingly mis-named normal map files in one of Kieme's files, and note there seem to be some missing in at least two others (though this in particular may be intentional if the changes are small). https://www.dropbox.com/sh/fdgcyjxwy99csp5/AAB2HVemThOm9vyqdj2lj_I8a?dl=0
  8. I can play BS sometime if you're still looking and can link the map you want.
  9. But you need the upgrade first, which isn't. It's ok I got steam finally, so i'm playing it via that somehow inferior middleman.
  10. Having control of an area is just that, and though that may have consequences under international law, the legal entity that is the Russian state does not contain Crimea nor the eastern parts of Ukraine. No nation recognises Crimea as part of Russia, and that is important too if you want to talk realpolitik. One of the principles under which Britain continued WWII after Europe had come under German control was that national boundaries should not be changed by force. You may argue that might makes right, but the might of the world in general wants a system under international law based on principles reached by consensus, it's the only way with a future. Systems that deny this will eventually find it eating them from the inside. Just watching the Ukraine game btw! Still in the balance!
  11. BUMP Anyone have Vein's updated tracer file? The link is dead. PS I had wondered if I could get the game to do tracers on a more realistic ratio by using the same system of numbering that some sounds have in the game, where you can have multiple variations of a sound numbered sequentially and the game will use them (randomly or in sequence I don't know) all. Haven't got it to work yet!
  12. Well I tried the mission again with the current Steam patch, and the spotting is still pretty dire, for what to my eyes should be easy spots (BMPs amongst sparse trees or partially hull down, 1000-300m). I could be a peculiarity with the mission/map, there is a downhill slope and the trees make it harder to see until you get to the lower ground again, however that should work both ways. It could be one of those weird visual things in CM where a field of wheat that looks low is actually high enough to block your view, but again that should work both ways. Something was going that I don't have a good handle on, as at some points there was a marker for a long while without a confirmation, and on moving my guys would suddenly get a spot on another vehicle. Two tanks lost their main guns too, one via hits to the mantlet and both with 30mm fire it seemed to me, possibly to the tube also but the mantlet is where I spotted decals.
  13. OK, didn't realise you were acting in an official capacity. I will finally be able to use Steam again later this month so can try something other than 1.04. Until then I gave the mission (the first in the Shield of Kiev Campaign) another quick spin. The tank platoon consists of BM Oplot (APS) x4, two of which are green, two of which are regular. They are up against something like 5 BMPs, some in hull down positions amongst sparse trees. I guess I was just expecting them to spot faster at 300 meters with thermals. It wasn't as bad as last time I played (ragequit with tanks having lost multiple main guns and several vehicles immobilised by farmers fields), but im not sure it's right either.
  14. If spotting hasn't changed since 1.04 then I will assume the bug (if it is a bug) is still there, as it seemed to be garbage when I last used the Oplot, not to mention losing their main gun at the first sniff of enemy fire. I'd guess there is some invisible geometry responsible, making the gun larger than it is or something. It seems to be an engine thing at the moment, I remember from the Red Thunder demo mission "Monster Mash", the Panthers would loose their main guns at the drop of a hat. I mean if there is a reason for it, fine, but it seems to affect some tanks and not others.
  15. Did you use the Oplots with the commanders turned in or turned out? I noticed problems on the Shield of Kiev (IIRC) where they seemed terrible at spotting while turned in. I'm still on Black Sea 1.04 so I can't test the current version.
  16. Dear oh dear, yes I didn't see them as I have an ad-blocker, so yes I have added that to the warning, I did read the same actually when I found the link. The film is there however, I checked the first minute or so.
  17. Contact, the best war movie I have ever seen. Set in Ireland during the troubles. Hosted below on a Russian site (fair warning, it apparently hosts mainly porn, which may show up in thumbnails etc. if you don't have an ad-blocker), barely a clip to be found elsewhere, and unavailable on Amazon at the moment. https://biqle.com/watch/394384024_456239023
  18. Well two companies forward (the third saved for a second echelon), moving slowly with AFV support, sometimes with tanks upfront. Mostly as the Russians & Ukrainians at the moment. I didn't say I did it well... I do it more out of interest in how the attacks are supposed to work. I normally ragequit once artillery falls on my head.
  19. Interested in playing against an opponent with BS 1.04. I am happy to play any side, attack or defense, platoon to battalion sized forces per side. Realistic formations are preferred, with appropriate point bonuses for the attacking side, extra ammunition on a vehicle of some sort, and rare use of air assets. I am used to playing battalion sized battles in real-time, however I am open to live turn based games (I think PBEM would be too slow for me). I prefer longer battles or a few short ones in a row, it does not have to be too regular or regimented. If I had to guess I would say after all these years I am somewhat middling in skill. I prefer simple battles for the moment, moving across rough country or villages: a complex city based map or city based river crossing would be a bit much to start with I think. Larger maps are preferred but the newer (normally user created) really huge ones don't load for me (think Donetsk Airport etc.) and am open to smaller maps if you prefer.
  20. 41. The assault command should have troops go to ground every few seconds to draw less fire, as longs as this is in line with doctrine. 42. Infantry movement speed seems too slow, or at least without enough difference between slow and fast.
  21. As an aside, the A-10 should be able to defeat the Shilka. If I remember from early LOMAC days, the procedure was to fire the GAU-8 at 1.2Km or something and break off before reaching 1Km, in theory staying out of range. I wonder if a real life Shilka commander might try and scare off an A-10 with innacurate/ineffective fire outside of this range if they thought they were about to be attacked though. I myself would probably jump out.
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