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  1. "Wains Cotting" - nice. In Norway, the Royal Commandos battled Nazi armour near Skirtingbord....
  2. Just curious: The Soviets were supplied with the bazooka via Lend-Lease...what were the circumstances behind the Commonwealth forces being stuck with the Piat?
  3. I'm personally enjoying this satirical, but nonetheless informative, series..... I intend to collect the whole set.
  4. The old ones were driving me nuts, too, benpark... Yours looks much better...thanks for your work.
  5. I recently saw (in CMAK) a PILLAR of FIRE ascending to the sky, from a "Rocky' tile.... Iffen I was religious, I'd be worried, but I think it's just a bug...
  6. Thanks, John....I'm moving house at the moment, which kinda sidelines everything else....I'm really regretting buying all those @#$%!% history books But I'll get over it...massed BT-5 attacks rule!!!
  7. And if you didn't know: Shift-X toggles whether you view all covered arcs or just the arc of the currently selected unit. Very useful.
  8. Thanks, J2D... I'll tinker with it over the next few weeks.
  9. Thanks for that...I was hoping it would be that simple Cheers, Matt
  10. Great points, Rankorian: 1. I'm finding out the hard way that this is true 2. I've not yet tried to fire down on the airfield from the hill...looking forward to it, though As well as Hill & Airfield, there is the Middle...my opponent has pushed forward here, and managed to cut supply to my forces on the Hill....[Well Done, Mr Willett, Well Done] 3. Yep, those HMG's are one of the best weaps in the game...I'm glad they're overmodeled
  11. Great work, Mark...I guess once you try them out you could upload them to CMMODS...I'm sure I've seen bigger files than 10 Mb there... I've been trolling the web, found some rather cool WW2 music (US and Japanese), but still looking... Cheers, Matt
  12. Buq-Buq: A Big Thankyou for your work.... I figure even if we have to listen to the same 86 voice files all the time, it'll still really help the atmosphere of any PTO scenarios. I'm gonna do a search on the web to see if I can find some compatable Japanese voice files from some other games... Banzai!
  13. Thanks Kingfish...I enjoyed that one. Got a total victory (+1 Exp for the AI)and took 56 POW. 4 Americans died, 13 injured. Clever use of the Lemming Migration Feature of the AI...Japanese counter-attack almost succeeded. I'd like to see more PTO scenarios. Can anyone tell me how to go about using the Japanese language wav files done for CMBO in CMAK? This would add a lot to PTO battles...
  14. The 81mm mortar has got enough range to be hidden well back....use an HQ with +2 Command and +2 Stealth, and put your mortars either in dead ground or scattered trees... The 50mm haven't got much range, but there a few good hiding places near the airfield... "Yes...you might be able to take the escarpments...but at what cost? Damaged prime squads." That's true...and the real key is the high ground overlooking the airfield...
  15. "Indeed, I think you would find it incredibly hard to take the escarpments without the "Operation Line-Push"..... Hard, but not impossible...smoke will probably be a friend I CAN hear those AA guns in my sleep...troublesome, but the Germans have mortars (both 50mm and 81mm).
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