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  1. Thanks for the advice. Cheers JTF
  2. Hi all. Currently using Z-Bee mod manager with CMSF. I understand it also works with CMBN but I would need to install it again. When I try to install a second manager all I get is an option to Repair or Un-Install. Any advise. Thanks JTF
  3. I check your updates on a regular basis and look forward to the end result Cheers JT Fox
  4. Thanks Bonxa, the kind of info I needed.
  5. Picture this: A squad sits in the middle of the map facing NORTH. 100m to the north is a small building. The squad has a cover arc order which encloses the building. A few turns pass. I now give the squad a “move to contact” order to a new location 50m to the east. The squad has moved about 25m, what has happen to the fire arc? Which of the following is true? a) The fire arc still covers to the north from the squad’s current location? The fire arc still covers the building. c) The fire arc cover to the east in the direction of movement. d) None of the above Would it be
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