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  1. I think the reason multiplayer is such a low key element of CMSF right now is because it is harder than it should be to get a game set up. Unless you have friends or clanmates that play as well, getting a multi-player game running is near impossible. What Combat Mission needs is a server browser capability, like most FPS's (and TOW). I think the amount of people who play CM multiplayer would skyrocket, as well as garnering more sales from MP centric wargamers. You could even go as far as have a join-in-progress ability for servers, for missions that have reinforcements that show up (if
  2. On winter maps, like Ali-Baba said, we need some snow being kicked up from wind.
  3. What we need are decals, especially on vehicles. They're not very graphic intensive but add so much to the experience when surveying the battlefield. Even something like TOW's decal system, only tracking penetrations on vehicles and some ricochet's, would make the CM experience that much more fun. Being able to see the whole in the side of a sherman put there by your Tiger would be an amazing feeling. Also, we need more robust tracer modelling. Right now they're like pencil thin laser beam's and very long. We need something more realistic, with more volume. VBS 2 does a good job in
  4. I can't wait to see what the MG42 will play like with 1 to 1 ballistics and the 1200rpm cycling rate. It'll truly be a beast of the battlefield.
  5. I'd assume that with the new engine and the 1 to 1 ballistics that they would be able to add a few more aspects to armor combat; like "edge effects", if it wasn't already in CMx1 to begin with (and many of those other obscure physics phenomena).
  6. With Combat Mission constantly striving forward (both gameplay wise and graphically [nice job on the new airbursts]), there are a few features that I don't want left behind. Most importantly would be decals. Basically textures indicating where bullets (or high velocity projectiles) have hit objects. This would give indication to the intesity of a firefight or show knockout hits on vehicles (think TOW tank combat). It would be jaw dropping to look around at buildings shot up and vehicles with multiple holes in them. It would be an addition that shouldn't tax computers (TF2 can handle 409
  7. That video is of British vehicles right? Because from what I can tell, its a Challenger 2 and a Warrior. A teaser video?!
  8. Well, when water comes out in the WW2 modules, will there be an engine update for CMSF to allow water tiles, whether passable or not?
  9. Alpha particles won't penetrate skin, paper or clothing. Beta particles will partially penetrate the skin and sheet metal will stop most of them. Gamma rays will go straight through you and 15cm of concrete or 20cm of earth will only stop half of them.
  10. What an amazing battle, that Stug is one heck of a beast. Can't wait!
  11. Well, they're a little oversized to keep the resolution up. As for the numbers, yes, theyre in order except one. It goes: 219, 215, 220-228, 230, 229. A few were just a little mixed up in the back before I threw together a final copy for the pdf. Other than that, the errata seems to be just a bunch of mished-mashed corrected graphs and a few pages on various corrected(or additions) topics. Ill check again and make sure everythings where is supposed to be, but if so, thats the errata.
  12. I'll take another shot at it. I got this return email message saying it failed to reach an address. :in process of re-trying: edit- oh, I see the problem, the size of all the files I sent was to large by your email provider. Ill try sending them one-three at a time.
  13. Allright, its been sent out. Enjoy! edit- ack, I don't think it got through with that email. [ April 05, 2008, 09:47 AM: Message edited by: Sgt.Rock of Easy Company ]
  14. I believe so. The short time I had to actually read some of the hard copy, I noticed in the back some of the same subjects as throughout the book. I'll look again, but I'm pretty sure its there. I have photo's taken and saved to my computer (full book in .PDF now) and could just send you the Errata by email or the like.
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