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  1. Whoa, was this seriously 2 updates in a week's time?! Thank you for the update, Elvis!! I think that's all that even the whiniest of us want to see, whether it's good news or bad. I've said it before and I'll say it again... you deserve a raise!
  2. I am a software developer also, so I understand as much as anyone that predicting release dates is an almost impossible task. You nearly always hit unexpected roadblocks in this business that are almost impossible to account for until you get down & dirty in the code. I am like Steve in this aspect - I tend to always give a very optimistic "best case" date when I start a new project, and I very very rarely actually hit that date. The difference is that once a week, I inform my bosses of any challenges I'm encountering and update my estimated completion date based off of the latest information I have. If I made a habit of saying I will have something complete before the beginning of March then completely going silent until almost the end of April, I wouldn't have a job. It takes literally 5 minutes to give an update, and it shows the people who provide my livelihood that I am a) actually making progress and b) have enough respect for them that I will keep them in the loop as to what's going on. I am very glad to see that Elvis will be taking this role on. Honestly if it wasn't for the outstanding support he provides for this company, I would have completely moved on long ago.
  3. I don't really understand how a standardized WW2 TO&E got intertwined with a fix for this bug when it's been known about for over 2 years and Engine 4 users have already had to endure the wait for CMSF2 before the fix was supposedly "just on the heels of its release". I'm assuming this is for a future module or modules, but what about the people who already paid for Engine 4 (or SF without updated campaigns)? Couldn't this have waited a little while?
  4. Yeah I'm wondering if somehow my email address didn't get tied to my forum account. I checked my profile and don't see email address listed anywhere an an option to check/update, but it seems like I at least had to validate my email when I first signed up for the account. Maybe it got lost somewhere it the website updates... not sure. Either way, I'm just glad I can login without issue again. No idea why it never occurred to me to try my screen name before this morning...
  5. Success!! Big shout out to John at the Help Desk, who went through all of my issues and resolved each one of them within a couple of hours of me submitting the ticket (on a Saturday morning, no less!!) I now have working copies of all six games again!!! The forum password issue turned out to be (at least mostly mostly) my fault. All of this time, I've been attempting to login using my email address. On a hunch this morning while doing some troubleshooting with John, I tried using my screen name rather than my email address and it worked on the first try! The username input says Display Name or Email Address, and for some reason it never occurred to me to even try my screen name in all the months this hasn't worked until now. As aggravating as this process has been at times, I've gotta say that the level and speed of tech support has made up for it. John deserves a raise!!
  6. It may be that I turn UAC off on my machine that the install location for CMBN isn't an issue (it is annoying having to acknowledge every time I want to run a program so I just take my chances with it off). Thanks Ian! (and yes, I had to reset my password again to make this post... the simple password I used last reset still wasn't working when I came back to post this.). Hopefully they can get it ironed out.
  7. Everything seems to be working fine as far as the install location for CMBN other than the Commonwealth module not activating (and not being able to find the Activate shortcut anywhere). I submitted tickets this morning for the download/activate issues I'm having and a separate one for the forum password reset. It created a new Help Desk account for me when I submitted the tickets, and I've been able to login to that one fine using the password it generated. I'm also able to login to my store account fine. The only issue is with the forum password... I have to reset it every time I come to make a post, and the updated password doesn't "stick" for some reason. I tried a simple password this time with no special characters or numbers just to see if maybe that was causing an issue, but same problem...
  8. Yep there was a shortcut on my desktop after installation of CMBN and I made the mistake of deleting it along with all of the other shortcuts that got installed (I like keeping my desktop clean). I searched through the install folder and the My Documents folders for the shortcut and haven't been able to find it again. Not sure if it matters but I changed the default install directory from My Documents to the Battlefront folder that got created by the CMRT and CMBS installs (changing the sub-folder to CMBN obviously). I see subfolders in My Documents for CMRT and CMBS, but nothing for CMBN. I did a quick look through the subfolders in the install directory and couldn't find anything there either. Even though it's just one key for the bundle, you think re-activating the same key might activate the Commonwealth module? I'll give it a shot if I can find the shortcut again... Also not to beat a dead horse (too late I know), but I had to reset my password again to make this post. While I was sitting here typing this, I attempted to login to the forum in another browser using the password I just set (and I'm 100% sure I'm typing it correctly), and it tells me it's wrong. Surely I can't be the only person having this issue? I use both Linux and Windows and can reproduce the issue in both OSes so I don't think it's any external software causing the issue.
  9. Thanks, Schrull. The installer that was linked to the Order Detail for the CMBN Engine 3 upgrade actually was the 3.12 Full Installer, so that's the one I got on the third attempt... The Commonwealth module must not be getting recognized because there is an icon for the base game and Market Garden, but no Cromwell. The URL for the installers for CMFI, CMSF, and CMBB all lead to dead/not working links, so I will submit a ticket for all of these issues. I am 100% certain there is an issue with the password reset for the forums. I was locked out twice just trying to come respond to this post. I reset the password, have my browser save the updated password, and it immediately doesn't work whether I use the saved password or type it myself. I get locked out, have to wait until my account unlocks, reset it again, and that buys me enough time to make a post. I have no issue logging into my Store account.
  10. I just completed a motherboard/CPU/memory upgrade in my machine and after reinstalling Windows, am attempting to re-download and install the BFC products I've purchased over the past few years. I thought I'd share my experience doing this because it has been an exercise in frustration and it would be nice if this process was revamped at some point in the near future. First, the good... Red Thunder and Black Sea downloaded and installed without a hitch. I was able to download and activate these without any issues via one Order Detail screen apiece. It was slightly confusing as to which files I needed to download until I realized I could check the checkbox in the upper-left corner for the Windows files and download them all in one .zip file. BARBAROSSA TO BERLIN -- I purchased this in 2016 and when I attempt to download it, I am told that I've exceeded the maximum number of download requests. I only remember downloading this twice in the 3 years since I purchased it. BATTLE FOR NORMANDY -- I purchased this when it was still Engine 1 then later purchased the Engine 3 upgrade as well as the Commonwealth/Market Garden bundle. I assumed I would need to download and install these in order to prevent issues. I attempted to download Engine 1 using the link in the Order Detail, and got the message "The webpage at (url Removed) might be temporarily down or it may have moved permanently to a new web address." I attempted to download the Commonwealth/Market Garden bundle and received the same message. Using the link from the Upgrade 3 Order Detail, I was able to successfully download the installer. For some reason it downloaded much slower than CMRT and CMBS, but at least it downloaded. I ran the installer and noticed it defaulted to my My Documents folder for some reason (not a huge deal but just pointing it out). After installing, I attempted to activate my Engine 1 key and was told "Invalid serial number". Used the Engine 3 upgrade key and it worked. Entered my CW/MG key and it said that activation was successful, but when I run the game all of the CW battles are grayed out, saying I need to purchase the Commonwealth module to play those. FORTRESS ITALY -- I purchased this at Engine 2 then later purchased the Engine 3 upgrade. Attempting to download from the URL in either Order Detail gives the message "The webpage at (url Removed) might be temporarily down or it may have moved permanently to a new web address." SHOCK FORCE -- I bought the original via GamersGate then bought the retail upgrade to 1.21 through BFC and later bought the Marines/British Force bundles (also through BFC). Attempting to download any of the files I get my favorite message ""The webpage at (url Removed) might be temporarily down or it may have moved permanently to a new web address." TL;dr -- After hours spent sifting through Order Details and trying to figure out which files to download and which keys to activate, I have 2-2/3 of the six games I bought ($341) working. Compare this to the twelve games I bought through Matrix that I downloaded and installed via one convenient page with all of the download links and serial numbers in one place. I love Combat Mission and think you guys make fantastic games, but this process is complete and utter garbage. Also, I mentioned a few months ago about issues with the password reset in the forums not working. I had to reset my password AGAIN to come make this post, then after typing it all up I hit "Submit Topic" and was told that I needed to be logged in to make a post. Attempted to login using the password I JUST RESET, and it wouldn't work. I had to reset it again just to come copy & paste this.
  11. Something is definitely wrong as far as the password for the forum goes... I just reset my password for the 4th time to make my previous post and tried to login to the forum in a different browser using the new password. It won't work...
  12. Got locked out and had to do a password reset AGAIN to come reply to this. Not sure why it doesn't seem to keep my updated password after the first time I use it... Are the passwords for the forum and store still different? Seems like I remembered they merged into one account, but maybe I'm thinking about Matrix Games. As far as the keys go, I was able to re-activate each game and start it without issue. Not sure what happened there but they're all activated again for now.
  13. I'll add that I just got locked out of my account again. I am 100% sure of what I changed the password to when I had to reset it earlier. I updated the password in Chrome and when I came back to check this post and get my keys again, it told me the password is incorrect. I typed it twice very carefully and got locked out again and had to reset it again. I'm going to try just re-activating my keys and see what happens. It's really annoying that I wanted to just jump on and play this morning and cannot launch 3 of the 4 games I bought...
  14. Hi guys, I currently have CM: Black Sea, Fortress Italy, Red Thunder, and Battle for Normandy installed on a Windows 10 reinstall I did a few months ago. I specifically remember re-activating all 4 of them after each was installed, and everything worked fine for that. I haven't played since then and have a little free time... went to play Black Sea and I got the Activation dialog. Tried all of the other ones and the last one (BN) worked but the other 3 seem to have lost their licenses. Should I just re-activate them using the keys (and will this use up an activation), or is there something else I'm missing? Thanks! ETA: Something is a little wonky in the password reset system. I changed my password after the site makeover and had it saved in my browser. It didn't work when I tried to login to ask about the issue above, so I attempted 2 other guesses and was locked out. I clicked the Reset Password button from the email I got about the lockout, reset the password, and using the new one wound up getting locked out again somehow. The third time worked without issue...
  15. Bye. Thanks for the offer but I've lost interest in another $50 game with new guys and new guns and little else different. We can keep milking this 10-year old engine with a horribly clunky interface and terrible performance on newer hardware and blaming all the cool things we can't do on the engine that THEY CREATED. I'm moving on...
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