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  1. Thanks again to all who have answered my question. Lots to think about. Great to post on a forum were people are willing to help and answer questions that they probably answered many times before, and without smart arse comments. I was given this game by a friend in a pile of other software, and haven't been able to stop playing it. Here's hoping that SC2 will be even better.
  2. Has anyone won a league game as allies without extra MPP's for the allies?
  3. Thanks all. I'll suggest the 1:5:20 system to my friend and try out a few games. Like I said I find that Russia can put up a good defence by hiding behind the Dnieper River and around Smolensk and Kharkov. However there are not enough units or MPP's to keep this line going and the Germans can always smash through between Lenungrad and Smolensk. Hopefully more MPP's will make for a tougher defence.
  4. No wonder the allies always get creamed when I play. What is the best bidding system to use? 1:5:20 or another?
  5. I find Germany blessed in anti air radar. 1 Chit after the fall of France and by end 1941 level 4 and sometimes level 5. Is there something in the engine that calculates how long the initial chits were there for? Example: Germany starts with level 1 Rockets, does the computer calculate Germany having this for, lets say 3 years, but level one gun laying radar for only 1 a give a bonus accordingly? I find Russia blessed at industrial tech, and Britain blessed with heavy bombers. For Germany heavy tanks seems very slow and anti tank quick.
  6. Thanks Liam. I guess what your saying is that its only possible with the bidding system. I only play with a friend at present and we don't use it. I find it easy to defend along the south, its just having enough units in the north to stop him flanking. I guess with extra points that bidding creates that would be possible.
  7. After reading everything I can find on the Forum I'm still none the wiser on how to defend Russia. Against the computer its easy, but against a human, almost impossible. Launching D-Day about 2 years to early at the same time as putting pressure on the Italians is very difficult. Does anyone know of any better strategies than these? :mad: ?
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