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  1. Hey, I got a reply to my request for 1939 scenario, currently in the middle of a game! If you'd like to play SCG Gold, v. 1.04 send me an e-mail, I prefer Allied side. I'm an experienced player so can give you a run for your money. Bob.
  2. Okay, I tried AOD, the scale of the game is a marvel and I enjoyed the game engine...but the turns take longer than I can fit into my summer in Seattle schedule. An AOD turn takes 1 hour plus, sometimes 1 1/2 hours. I had SCG down pretty good, I could knock out even a deep in the war turn in 30 to 35 minutes, an early turn in 10 to 20 minutes. But what I did like about AOD was that the victory conditions were loosened, as imo SCG has a noticeable Axis bias, and imo AOD still has this. Anyway, once an SCG player got the Axis strategy down the Axis would win about 80% of the time because eve
  3. I've been wrapping up SCG games and couldn't participate in the ladder but could play now. If you have room in the ladder I could participate as an alternate, but I'm not really interested in climbing the ladder per se, I'm more interested in good games and learning AOD. I could do a couple games but that's about it. I'm currently in a non-ladder game with Isnogud...and he is good! So although I was a very good SCG player I would say I'm still learning AOD, but could still be characterized as a competent player. I have some more hard knocks to learn but on balance can give an opponent a g
  4. I'm a long time SC player, currently playing SCG 1.04, standard 1939 scenario. I prefer the Allied side. I'm a good player and have room for one, possible two games and can do 5+ turns a week. If interested send an Axis first turn to: rrweeks@comcast.net Bob.
  5. I think intelligence should be limited on the open seas. I.e., an invasion force shipping out from U.S. ports would okay, as the major belligerants attempted to place spies in ports of embarcation. But once at sea, absent naval units or long range air, that invasion force should be a mystery of where it's headed. Specifically, let's say the Germans have taken England, Ireland, Iceland, Spain, and West Africa, but don't hold the Azores, and a U.S. counter invasion is expected sometime, somewhere. Once the American invasion force leaves U.S. shores it's unlikely that it's exact destination w
  6. I never got a response to the above question, what is the order that Russia moves capitals, and is there another move from the second capital? How about if Moscow is recaptured before the 2nd capital falls? I know in SC 2 the capital would move two or three times. Thanks. Bob
  7. Hubert, I checked on that caution with my opponent, the one that says it was unable to match to the original 1939 campaign, and I think it might be getting triggered in error. He said the same thing has happened when he received the first Axis turn, and Rambo said it's happened to him also. I think the feature would be good to have, but it might need to be tweaked a bit. Bob.
  8. What does it mean when someone sends an Axis turn and it says the original 1939 campaign couldn't be located, or something like that? Does it mean that the opponent has modified the default settings somehow? Thanks. Bob
  9. What is the order in which Russia moves it's capital, and, if Moscow if recaptured does the capital move back there? Thanks, Bob
  10. I can't remember, if we do the 1.04 patch my recollection is that 1.03 games in progress will still work, you'll just get a prompt each time you load that you're using an earlier version? Have some good 1.03 games going, would hate to screw them up by downloading 1.04. Thanks. Bob
  11. I still don't agree and you miss my point. Why can the USSR operate units across 6000 miles, while the US can only effectively do it over 1500 miles? And if you think an invasion of the US is unlikely then you haven't played enough good, creative players like Rambo or Terif, who was the master of SC 2. I can already see many instances where an invasion of the US and/or Canada is possible, regardless if the old SC 2 activation of the home guard occurs once an Axis unit hits US soil. My sense is that a Sea Lion is more possible in SC Global, although after several games I have in mind strate
  12. I don't agree with that. Russia can move move forces unfettered east-to-west and back across the breadth of its vast territory using what historically was a much less capable rail system. America's rail system was far superior with multiple spurs and half the length side-to-side, but you're telling me that our forces have to disembark near the Rockies and then resume their journey after they've hit the red arrows? What if the Japanese landed on the West Coast or Axis on the East Coast after the US is in the war? You should fix this. Bob
  13. Also, maybe I'm doing something wrong, but it seems that the US can't operate from East Coast to West Coast, and probably vice-versa. I tried East to West, and it only let me operate to the far left of the East Coast map.
  14. I notice that everytime I transport a corps from the west coast toward anywhere into the Pacific that I get a prompt that the US isolationists demand the west coast fleet return, even if no capital ships were moved. Not sure if this effects US readiness. The prompt does not reappear the next turn. Bob.
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