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  1. Ah - I might not have explained properly.

    I ideally want all the terrain from Viens, except those that Aris replaces.

    I have this:



    Two folders:



    What I _thought_ would happen is that V comes before Z, so Viens.brz would get loaded, replacing a huge amount of terrain, then Aris would get loaded, replacing some of those with Aris: especially, the grid.


    OK follow this,

    step1 : Open Veins_terrainDesaturation_CMBN_v2.brz with RezExplode mod tools, do the same with Aris terrain.brz!

    brz.files become bmp !

    step 2 : Remove Veins terrain no gridded bmp and use Aris grid terrain bmp instead, then RezPack with mod tools an rename the file as you like with Z before!

    step 3 : Or you remove Veins terrain no gridded bmp, Rezpack & rename, put Z_ Aris grid in your Z data folder then mod appears in the game!

    Sorry for my bad explanation!

  2. I am amazed at the possibilities of the map editor and especially the implementation of modular buildings, the choice of the number of doors and windows, balconies that can add, the colors of the buildings, of course there not many administrative buildings like the post office, station, factories, etc ... but the ability to add modular buildings is not limited to 8, this provides an opportunity for modders to work on different styles of European buildings!

    WIP :





    Uploaded with ImageShack.us

  3. You're welcome. And I agree. As far as how many...it'd probably depend on how much your comp can handle. Numbering would be easy, first you'd find the building you'd want to mod and whether it's modular or independant, then you would mod all it's parts and then you would name them after the last numbers in that group. EX. you choose a building set, say number 3, you mod all the parts that go with it (they will all end in 3)...then if there are say, 9 buildings total, you would name your modded building and all it's parts as 10...front_10, back_10 etc.

    It's a little more complicated as far as the naming conventions ('cause there are a lot more buildings in CMBN) but that's the gist.


    Hi Mord,

    I'm not sure that I understood, we can renumber buildings independent as we can do for uniforms and vehicles?

    If so we should be able to do with modular buildings, I've reZexploded SDP's Italy mod brz.files and I counted 12 modular buildings whereas there are eight modular buildings in the base game!

    There is a big mess with the roofs front of modular buildings which are used for several different modular buildings, I counted 7 roofs & 7 roosf damage and they not follow the numbering of modular buildings I believe it is assigned randomly as we have with uniforms and helmets!

  4. Hail all modders!

    Is anyone looking at sprucing up the Commonwealth afv crews? Stock art has them all in berets but in combat most/many I believe wore a para helmet. Also there was some variation in tank overalls - some were green, some were khaki. While I am on the subject is anyone looking at modding the Commonwealth infantry? I know we have some good helmet variations uploaded but that's about it so far.

    Regards to all.

    Some mods are at the repository CW uniforms section & other here http://www.appui-feu.com/modules.php?name=Downloads&cid=82

    You must be registred to download'em!

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