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  1. Hi all



    Format: Combat Mission 3 Afrika Korps



    Release: Germany, France, UK: November 28th, 2003

    USA: tba

    Combat Mission 3 Afrika Korps

    »Desert Fox« vs. Monty: Combat Mission 3 Afrika Korps throws you into the heat of the most dramatic battles of World War II. Lead the invasion of Crete in May 1941, engage the enemy in the African desert from 1940 to 1942 and land in the middle of the fierce defensive battles for Italy and Sicily.

    Can you keep your cool between grenade impacts, burning tank wreckage and assaulting infantry? Can you master tactics like ambushes, flank attacks or defensive maneuvers? Are you able to deploy thunderous tanks like Pershing, King Tiger or Firefly? Then you’re the commander of choice for Combat Mission 3 Afrika Korps.


    Historically correct strategy game

    Unique battle system: the mix of real time and turn based strategy allows detailed planning and exciting action

    7 campaigns plus over 60 scenarios

    "Quick battle" maps with assorted units

    3D graphics with fascinating weather and day/night effects

    playable Allied and Axis forces

    800+ types of units: tanks, infantry, artillery, planes with realistic, detailed technical data and camouflage

    Unmatched realism down to the smallest detail

    User friendly map editor for unlimited fun

    Challenging multiplayer battles via internet, network, hot seat or email

    Developer: Battlefront.com

    Publisher: CDV

    Genre: Realistic Wargame

    Release: Germany, France, UK: November 28th, 2003 / USA: tba


  2. the anticensorship only changes the names of the units. of course you have to wait for the second sound, but of course you already knew this

    sure I already know that I must wait for the second sound,I do that, I mean, I DONT SEE the units names changes (WG to SS) thanks for help I have already downloaded the right version anticensorship loader CDV english french version2

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