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  1. No, I've never played the Primosole Bridge battle in a game before. The map is based entirely on a composite of aerial reconnaissance photos, text description from Bitter Victory, and some drawn maps from other histories.

    Anyway good idea! Very interesting campaign, with much fun!


    ps: Ah yes, I forgot to thanks battlefront team for modeled with accurately Primosole bridge

  2. I encounter some trouble to upload the mod at CMMODS data base, it's been a while I upload a mod, I don't know what I do wrong? If someone have an idea? After following all, title, description, type, country, target, author and use browser to upload the mod zip file, I submited and nothing happens!

    Thanks to help me!

  3. I believe patboy is working on modular buildings, I'll let him take care of those. I've done 3 of the 8 barns, so if I release anything after these, it will be the barns.

    Hi Tanks a Lot, it's been a while since I didn't come here, I'm waiting for the patch 2.0 release, and your permission to use your roof mod (after your own mod release) to fit your excellent buildings mods!



  4. I just rezexploded the brz and cannot find any Normandy buildings. In the independent buildings each building comes with two texture sets that you can cycle through in the editor by shift-clicking the facades. The cathedral elements may have a couple unneeded pieces of art because the building design got altered partway through the process.

    Hi MikeyD, sorry but here is the proof :



    anyway, BFC thanks to fix that!

    ps : and also in building300 (church)

  5. I exploded some "brz" files and I noticed some oddities into the BMP's building files, there are some Normandy buildings mixed with the Italian buildings, it increases abnormally "brz" files, hope you can fix that soon with the next patch, it remember me when into CMAK bmp's files there are some CMBB bmp's files!

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