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  1. Whilst playing my first PBEM game of CW I've noticed that my T-62's wheels are doing something very strange. Instead of rolling forwards inside the tracks they are spinning outwards when the tanks are moving. I'll try and do a screen grab and post if needed.
  2. Well as this game is set in a conflict that never happened and it could possibly have involved Swedish involvement if there was Soviet incursions into Swedish territorial waters, land or airspace so why not? It's the reason 6mm Wargames miniatures are made for their kit. Plus who wouldn't want to see S-Tanks, PBV's & IKV's in 'action' not to mention BILL atgm and they had lovely planes too!
  3. I know this has probably come up before and its probably not do-able due to game engine stuff but there's always been a couple of things that I wish could happen in CM games. Firstly some sort of Command & Control restriction if formation commanders get knocked out. In my Soviet campaign game I've just lost a MR Company's commander and I can still merrily give orders to his platoons, it'd be ace if there was some sort of 'lock' on giving them orders for a certain amount of time to add a bit of friction to things - I know I could role-play it but still might be a 'nice' problem to have. Secondly, it would be great to merge understrength units together in campaigns, so if you end up with say a platoon with sections of 3, 2 & 4 men you could merge them into one large section then possibly merge two understrength platoons into one etc. Just think it'd add an extra bit of realism to the game. As I said I know it probably can't happen but it'd be the icing on the cake of a great game for me - and CW is the most fun I've had playing CM in ages, thanks a lot to the team behind it and here's hoping we see the rest of NATO & Warpac forces in the future (and the Swedes, Finns & Austrians would be ace too - I have the Austrians in 6mm form for tabletop gaming!).
  4. Hello there, I have some limited PBEM experience on CM:BN but really looking forward to trying out Cold War vs an opponent (happy for some Normandy action too - have all the add-on modules). I'm a 'gentleman of leisure' so can manage a turn a day or more if required.
  5. Great videos, I've subscribed. I watched the last part of 'Stemming the Tide' last night and it looks a right tough fight. It's one of the things I'm really enjoying about this version of CM, it seems like the AI can give you a good hard game if you make any mistakes, I'm dreading taking on a human opponent!
  6. Sorry I ballsed up the screenshot so can't post it but playing the first game of the Soviet campaign and a M-60 just took out a BTR-70 & T-62 with the same shot, through the former and into the latter! I am really enjoying this game, by far my favourite CM game so far. I've played the US (82) mission and got a draw without going all the way through the campaign but will be definitely be giving it another go.
  7. I've had that happen a couple of times in my run through of the US campaign, can be quite annoying. I put it down to me not having the best PC in the world that is a few years out of date too. I will be buying a new Graphics card for it soon though which I hope might help.
  8. Will have a go at this as I am a SCW buff (due to GreatGrandfathers involvement there!). Wayne 'Hans' Rutledge has made some great SCW scenarios and one operation all available in the Depot.
  9. Just to update how things are going between myself and Cpt Piekofski. I believe that the Bolshy one has fallen for my cunning plan and am glad to report that soon I will have him exactly where I want him. ************************* PS message for Prester John I can't seem to send the next move in our game Steve, email keeps getting bounced back!! Any ideas what's wrong?
  10. As the evil Piesofski keeps thwarting every attempt at foul play and general skullduggary on my part, I reckon that I'll have to resort to hiding from the filthy Commie swine to restore some pride in the mighty and just Teutonic cause. Oh by the way - Larch ?????
  11. Just to let everyone know that myself and Cpt Piesofski are on turn 10. The cheating Red swine has control of both flags and therefore is just where I want him. Pretty soon I will unleash my amazing new secret weapon upon him and accept his surrender - I have a 300mm YodelRekordSpielerWagen turned up to 11 - victory I feel is imminent. Sorry to hear about your job Rex. [ March 13, 2003, 04:17 AM: Message edited by: Iain Fuller ]
  12. Sorry for not getting back sooner but have been in bed with the flu. Send it on over and I'll have a bash for you.
  13. I saw CMBO about a year ago in 'Game' and a copy in a Virgin Mega Store. I have recently bought CMBB and would love to get my hands on CMBO, but can't find it anywhere. If anyone knows of anywhere selling it in the London area could you post a reply. Ta, Iain
  14. Will this op be different to "Surprise at Paislinis". If so I am willing to test it for you.
  15. Soddball; check your mail, the answer may be hiding in there!! Holien; is it Gilbert?? Have just watched a video called 'The Bunker'. A Brit "horror" film set in '44 Belgian/German border, in a German AT Bunker. Crap horror film, well crap film all in all, but at least they tried on the uniforms and weapons - although I couldn't quite make out who the bosche were supposed to be: were definately Heer but wore cuff title and shoulder strap badge?. Anyway don't get the film out for it is a waste of time and money. Forgive these Normanesque ramblings but I am bored out of my mind.
  16. Sorry to report that a half track has just been taken out on my sector of the front too, but fear not as one of Cpt. Piesofski's infamous Motorised Molotovs bought the Collective Farm at the same time. Can anyone on the German side remind me the call sign for the Stukas again?, I seem to have forgotten it. By the way whilst playing for the College football team on Wednesday I had my nose broken. The opposition were playing in RED; damn commies are trying every trick in the book to prevent being liberated by us nice Teutonic chaps.
  17. LOL I take it all back, not the Motorised Molotovs, quick boys don the Asbestos long johns!!!
  18. StuG's do seem to be popular; but not as popular as trucks do in the Russkie camp. I have about half a dozen all driving around like crazy trying to escape the attentions of my glorious boys in feldgrau. I think that there are shares being bought in GMC by the godless commies on the sly, or are they trading something we don't know about with the Amis in the old lend-lease.
  19. Would love to meet up for drinks but as I am working in another pub at the time won't be able to. Will deffo be there for the next one though. Get the Iron Crosses out for the lads in the H/Track [ February 25, 2003, 12:27 PM: Message edited by: Iain Fuller ]
  20. To let everyone know, myself and Mr White (a White Russian? aren't they supposed to be on our side!!) have got things under way. Delay was down to me after having to work/ complete essays all weekend. Vorwats to Moscow!!!
  21. MAN UTD, do me a favour. I have been playing the beautiful game and going to matches for 20+ years now!! ,No : "ooh Euro 96 and we all love footie, oh whos the best I'll support them" crap from me. It used to be that the only time you saw a Man U fan was at one of their games. Now you can't move for the Surrey dwelling gits. Where were they in the 80's. Sorry Sgt Pepper you touched a nerve there. I am, always have been and always will be Claret and Blue - West Ham Utd. (maybe thats why I like to use the Romanians and Hungarians - I have an affection for the underdog!!) Oh and before any of you runway-dodgers start going on about this season, remember who it was that made you NOT win two championships.
  22. Sorry Sgt Pepper but STRAW and CIDER!! Firstly there aint no straw where I come from; and everyone knows that it's definately a Lager Top that is the 'national drink' of the Londoner!!! But saying that I am always in denial being half Cumbrian and having to live in Whitehaven and Workington for a good few years!!!
  23. Soddball, I have no idea what happened with that email, I am currently playing a game vs. PresterJohn using that address and everything is OK. I will have a quick gander at it now and delete whatever crap is lurking there. Mr Khaki, are you anywhere near Hornchurch???
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