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  1. Ok, looks like I was simply to impatient. When I simply wait for 4 minutes the game saves without crashing. Impatient mashing the mouse button crashes the game. What makes me wonder is tha fact, the my laptop is rather powerful (i710thgen, 2070 nVidia, 32GB RAM). But anyway, I won't complain, I can continue to play Jens
  2. Hi, when I'm in a mission, that is part of a campaign and I try to save, I get a Crash to Dektop. Saving in a quick or normal battle works fine, as it does from all the other Combat Mission titles in campaign. Anyone had issues with that? Jens
  3. If anyone is interessted in converting a map to CMCW: it's " 12 CMCW" Jens
  4. If I buy CW from the Battlefront Website now ... I get acces to the game in april (minus the multiplayer part) OR I can/have to participate in a beta-phase When the game is released on Steam in June, I can register my copy (bought on the Battlefront Website) in Steam? Are my assumption on buying Cold War correct? Thanks! Jens
  5. Why wrong forum? This is the TacOps 4 forum, isn't it? Jens
  6. Hi, is is basically possible to create a new scenario and use one of the maps in the extras folder (e.g. the NTC map)? Jens
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