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  1. Thanks for the NATO add-on. The german campaign is awesome.
  2. Thanks a lot. Now auf to the Gebirgsjager ...
  3. Please make it not 24 hours. Then tension is killing me ....
  4. I have the same problem with Zone Alarm. By doing an exception for the mmfs.dll its working. I hope it really is not a real Trojan
  5. Problem solved: http://www.battlefront.com/community/showthread.php?t=89538 Uninstalling the ZoneAlarm Toolbar helped. I can play again \o/
  6. Ruthless: You are my savior Thanks to you i uninstalled the zone alarm toolbar and i can again enjoy CMSF. \o/
  7. Schrullenhaft - i manually unlicensed the keys. Should i still provide the Key(s)?
  8. It's still not working. I have it now installed at my Vista 32 laptop without any problem. I think there is a problem on the W7 that i can't uninstall every entry of Serials and Licenses. On the Vista install the Elicenser asked me to give the license once for the Marines and once for the British Forces add-on when i launch the game. On W7 it just asks once for the British Forces add onand then ends and doesn't start. Perhaps because i already had it installed and its somewhere deep in the registry. The Marines / British Forces bundle can only installed on a 1.10 or 1.11 version. upda
  9. I give up. I did everyhting. It's working as long as i don't install the British Forces Bundle. Once installed its no longer starting but doing the 5 MB process and closing itself. Nothing is seen on the screen. How can i delete / reinstall runservice.exe and the "LicCtrl Service"? Any ideas as i think in one of them could be my problem?
  10. Thanks again for your answers. I uninstalled everything and unlicensed. Important missing detail: i have the gamersgate version of the pure CMSF and the BF download British bundle. I installed the Gamersgate version 1.08 and started it: it works. I updated with Gamersgate patch 1.10 and started it: it works. I installed the British Forces bundle and started it with licensing: didn't work - strange, as "Runservice.exe" is running and "LicCtrl Service" is active and the eLicense says its a "success" Running as administrator doesn't work either. Next I will deinstall everything and
  11. Thanks for the answers. Schrullenhaft: I am running Zone Alarm Security Suite but have CMSF enabled to do what it wants I even deactivated it to give it a try - to no avail. "Runservice.exe" is running and "LicCtrl Service" is active. Running it in Vista compatible mode isn't working either. edit: re-licensing was no problem either.
  12. Hi everyone. So i upgraded to Windows 7 and alas, CMSF with Marines and BF-bundle didn't want to start. I reinstalled CMSF and the bundle, new NVIDIA-drivers for GT8800 and its still not working. The internal Windows 7 problem solver says that its not compatible to Windows 7. As others are using CMSF and W7 i think there could be another problem. What i did: Vista 32bit to W7 Home Premium CMSF unlicenced and reinstalled, including Marines / BF Bundle New video drivers When starting Shockforce nothing happens. Its just activating its process in the task manager, loads some 5 meg
  13. And that means that nobody ever will buy a game from Battlefront through Gamersgate or Paradox. Well, at least i am not. Where is the sense making contracts with these publishers if the support is late. Not a good image for Battlefront. Oh yeah: "early next week" is nearly over. Its getting late in the week.
  14. Would be greater if the same devotion could be said for the paradox and Gamersgate version/patches. This was the last time i bought games from Gamersgate.
  15. TheLouch did some testing here: http://www.battlefront.com/cgi-bin/bbs/ultimatebb.cgi?ubb=get_topic;f=72;t=000042#000000 Some foliage and brushes and grass dont seem to give cover at all.
  16. Thanks for the hint but that wasn't the case. Mark and me tested the setup zones. Thanks again Mark. I am still tweaking with the scenario but the main problem should be solved by now.
  17. Sent it to you, Mark. Would be glad to receive your battalion size test scen too.
  18. Well i did that already too. Still not working. I downsized my scenario now to only one company. That is working. When i attach platoons or other tanks to militia its not working. If nobody else has this ever experienced i would really be astonished. If anybody wants to look at the scenario ill send it to you but will be away for two weeks now. Perhaps someone can do a test?
  19. Small update: It works like a charm with a small test setup with two tanks from one company, downsized to just the two of them. But when i size the scenario up to more units and assigning the groups to companies and platoons and not to the units singlehandedly its not working. Can anybody test this please too?
  20. Thanks so far. But i did that. At least i assume i did. I have two big red setup zones not connected to each other from the same red color painted in the map editor. Then i have two units, two groups and two orders. The yellow setup zones differ for each set of orders but are placed in the red color ones. But the AI never starts in a different one than the one i placed them beforehand. Do the red setup zones have to be connected to each other or from a different red color?
  21. Thanks Mark, i've done that already. I've done it for two and more groups with two separate orders. Assigned them the "A1-2". For each group i have layed out two separate setup zones. One for each order. But the AI never places them anywhere else except where i placed them during deploy RED. Its not that they dont go where i want them to go. Its more that they dont start anywhere else. Its just the starting position. Any help appreciated.
  22. The manual says: When i paint different setup zones for the AI for every different plan why is it, that the AI let the units begin at the places where i deployed them manually in the deploy screen? The setup zone is Red1 and divided in two places for two plans. Anybody encountered this too?
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