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  1. Updated to 1.2 with some more changes to bocage terrain and cover.
  2. Hi all, you can find my newest creation for CMAK, ready for play testing. Please post your critiques here or at TPG. Thanks in advance. DL: Crossroads
  3. Another one. Its not possible to dismount troops inside UAZ-469 vehicles. The option is greyed out and the troops are not selectable during the deployment in the editor.
  4. I second the scrolling option too. Or you could just add the squad/single option from the old CM: games. Second thing is, that once you deleted the troops you dont want to use in the scenario there is no way to reenable them back. So you have to add another force from the available troops.
  5. Any timeframe for the release of the real and working patch 1.02 for Gamersgate? Not the 30.09 MB one?
  6. Its only to see if you have a dual core system.
  7. I did post them earlier. AMD Athlon XP 2800+ 1 GB RAM 1 Nvidia 7800 GS And as i said, i really did everything you and the other helpful members posted or recommended. So thats not blaming the game, its a fact that the game any my computer dont work too well with each other. And that is a bit strange as even CoH or MedievalII run both without problems on medium to high settings. -> no rant, no blame.
  8. Well i installed new drivers, disabled EAX, set graphics to low or disabled high resolutions and still the game is very very low in the FPS. When the reinforcements arrive i get around 5 FPS. I'll sit and wait if the developers come with a solution.
  9. CPU usage during the game is 100% on my Athlon 2800+
  10. Not playable on the single player battle with AMD Athlon 2800+, 1 GB Ram and 7800 GS. around 5 FPS.
  11. Same for me here. Perfomance at the battle is mediocre to say it nice. AMD 2800+, Geforce 7800GS, 1GIG RAM
  12. This CPX will be continued. We left the game after 5 hours playing. Probably the 13th of March will be the sequel day.
  13. You can compare on this site your local time to GMT and all other timezones at the world. Just for your convenience http://www.panzertaktik.de/pzneu/wargames/worldtime.html
  14. We still need a reserver player for the PFOR because one of the participants has current issues with his computer. Pls eMail me for contact if you are interested.
  15. ok. it's done. But John is as you in the PFOR team The first enlistment roll is closed. Reserve players ARE welcome. sarjen [ February 12, 2004, 02:14 PM: Message edited by: Sarjen ]
  16. Hi everybody, I will host a CPX on 21022004 at 1800 GMT and we still have 3 seats free for players. Look at CPX-special to see more about it.
  17. Hi Flammenwerfer, did you use the 1.03 beta version of CMBB? As a german user and thus playing with the CDV-version i´m not able to use your scenario. Sorry dude - would´ve like to.
  18. Yes plz: mail it to me. wanna play gains the ai.
  19. Were there two Apache´s? The official story from the CENTCOM was, that the one Apache which was shown with the farmer, was demolished using airstrike. But perhaps it was only prop?
  20. As for the Apache: as far as i´ve seen and heard of that incident with the farmer and his old shotgun: the apache happened to have an engine-breakdown and had to land with auto-sync rotation. BTW: shortly after the tv has shown the place .. the place was bombed and the apache to pieces of debris.
  21. Sarjen

    New Scenarios

    Yup, the same idea flashed in my brain, too. I just tested it, and i played a reinforced german mechanized infantry battalion against three opfor recon battalions. I will post the excel-link for the german oob´s soon.
  22. Sarjen

    New Scenarios

    Hi again, as far as i understand, it is possible to design new scenarios which are in fact saved games and no new scenarios. If i change an existing scenario it will be only a copy of the old one with new units. As a german tanker i would like to design scenarios and no saved games. As i read before in another thread, the AI will always do the same approaches in a saved game. So how to build a really new scenario for german units? I hope that i am not asking questions that has been asked before. And if .. sorry for that Greetings sarjen
  23. Hi all, i just received my copy of the simulation and wondered, if it is possible with the tools to create new solo games with changing the opfor units, too. Adding new ones and so on. When i create a new game the umpire tool states that adding opfor units can result in weird behaviour of the Computer? How to add new units then? Greetings Sarjen
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