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  1. Ukranian infantry advancing across the battlefield.
  2. As always .. outstanding effort and quality. Really enhances my gameplay.
  3. I am doing some scenarios for all CMx2 products but i am always disappointed by the need of writing a briefing, and assembling the pictures for the briefing. Lazy or boring The mapmaking and AI is what i like.
  4. I did a small test scenario and my Khrizantema's are firing at enemies. This is at ranges 3km and up. Most common is though that the Khriz get one shot off .. then are dead from the Oplot's.
  5. If you are using a modern NVidia GeForce Graphic card you can install the free GeForce Experience program. This enables you to do screenshots and record videos - for free. Or you take FRAPS. Both are good.
  6. And here we go with another one. Shootoff between 5 Shermans and 2 Tigers as part of my testing range
  7. This is a very challenging scenario for the russian side. If you play it twice or more you will see a lot of AI thought has been fueld into the AI battle plans. And there are some. I really like this scenario - even if i was beaten as the Russians on my first run.
  8. Awesome pictures. You've got a PM
  9. Much appreciated. You are doing fantastic work.
  10. Yes, i like this CM version very much. Well worth the download trouble. I see me getting many hours of exciting battles from it. Thanks battlefront.
  11. Currently am waiting 45 minutes for my download to assemble: "Your file is currently being prepared for download". Yes, battlefront is not Steam, but i really would appreciate a download working and not waiting. I am aware that the download will take long too ... *sigh*
  12. Well. These are all very good videos and i am amazed by your video editing skills. My video is just a short capture of one of the many small heroic acts we can see in Combat Mission. A tank crew is fighting on after their tank brews up.
  13. hmm .. how about enlarging the map again, deleting the objective and then resizing it? Would that work?
  14. My hats to you theFightingSeabee. Superb scenario and great map. I visited the area last year and its cool to see it in "action".
  15. Add my voice. And i woud like to see (since CMSF that is) the AI plans to utilize all movement possibilities we as the player have at our disposal. Move or Hunt ist not used by the AI.
  16. I find that the most difficult part is in making the AI attack smart and wily to really be a threat to the defender. And i dont mean it by giving a 3:1 ratio in forces for the attacker.
  17. After reviewing it in the scenario editor i have a question to the scenario designer. I looked at the AI plans and saw that the "Exit After" and "Exit Before" times are always set at 0:00 and 0:30 or 1:00. For every order. According to the manual and to all the previous posts from CMSF scenario design and my own testiing the time set under “Exit Before” and “Exit After” is absolute scenario time and not a duration. “1:00” means “one minute after the beginning of the scenario”, and NOT “one minute after the last order”. The question now is why your plans are working as intended (and i pla
  18. Thanks for the answer, moon. I had this enabled (on) and have then opted for vertical synchronization. The moment i clicked it, the game crashed.
  19. "The game has repeatedly terminated itself for me. Go into options and touch a drop down menu, boom its gone. Load the tutorial quick battle and right after having read all the data, it crashes again."# Same game for me. ATI 5770.
  20. Lurking is my passion. Keeping on and eating my nails waiting for Normandy.
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