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  1. Problem seems to be related to latest AMD&ATI graphic card driver update. When I uninstall graphic card drivers I can play scenarios smoothly. My system is Win 7 64 bit. I'm not good at computers, is there any solution other than uninstalling drivers. Thanks.
  2. Game is installed for months in my hard drive but today I failed to launch any scenario with this error. I re-installed both WW1 and WW1 breakthrough with latest patches but no luck to solve the problem.
  3. Hi, Played pbem with the base game few years ago and with the breakthrough expansion I want to return playing this very good game. I have good turn rates and would prefer multiple (at least 2 turns a day) turns a day. Would also prefer 'call to arms' scenario with soft build limits off. Either side is ok. Thanks.
  4. This is the best grand operational ww1 game I have played so far about AI and events. I haven't played C.Great War yet (But familiar with Slitherine popular latest titles)but I think tactical and strategical approach is the best in this game. It would be best to spread the word so dedicated players can be found. This game deserves it.
  5. Hi there looking for pbem opponent with ver 1.06 call to arms. not so much experienced. send me PM for e-mail. Thanks.
  6. Played a full game(without a breakthrough)with 1.06 than read your AAR. I must say it is fascinating game . I hope it will get what it deserves. İt is wonderfull game with very good AI. And I still struggle in the beginner level AI in the full campaign. :confused: Thanks for writing I hope no more storms.
  7. Strategic command ww1 is beautiful.(played a full ww1 game and the system works perfect for a ww1 game) Good to know breakthrough expansion about RCW. I sneak peak in demo it looks good. It is better than RUS(ageod game) about events and desicions but in military terms I think Ageod RCW is better in combat interpretation. I really like what I have read but my final desicion will be about how perfect RCW will be simulated. So fascinated about this time period. Thanks for writing.
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