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  1. Tread Head


    Prefer smaller scenarios... email me joesteadman AT gmail
  2. This is an odd one... My game will, after loading, immediately have the camera move as if I were holding down an arrow key or the mouse to one direction. I cannot make it stop without holding down the ALT key. There is no pattern I can find. Sometimes left, sometimes right, forward, up, in circles. Always like there is a key being held down. I can make it stop by restarting the computer. I do not see this issue with any other programs on my computer.
  3. Tread Head

    Cm Bn 2.01

  4. Wanting to start a new PBEM... I want to use H2HH... never used it before and wanting to try it out.... I'll play either side... QB or scenario
  5. Any word on the patch for us guys who could careless about playing with the Brits?
  6. Yes it was... anytime a Pt Ldr or Pt Sgt. would lose a tank and still had the ability to fight it was/ still is USA SOP to jump tanks. Not the entire crew but the tank commander... the tank he takes would move that tank commander to the gunners spot most of the time. There are countless examples of this in WW2, Korea, Vietnam, and I/A.
  7. No, it crashes about 20% of the time, after I hit the save game button when playing my pbem game.
  8. Mine does the same... I have the updated game and updated drivers... the game is buggy. Hoping for a patch.
  9. I can't stand real time.... who clicks the fastest wins.....
  10. I don't post when I see a random crazy incident but only if I see a pattern.... buttoned tanks have WAY to high a chance at spotting inf/ATG. I was a tanker (M1A1-M1A2) and even in these modern tanks, we were BLIND to infantry unless the TC or the loader had his head popped out.
  11. Sorry, it was in a WEGO game and in the middle of the move order.
  12. Agreed, even just making the higher level game more realistic would be great... if guys want to have all thses god-like abilities let them, but let them on easy mode.
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