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  1. Any demo news yet? I would like to give this game a second chance... the first demo was unplayable for me. Viniga
  2. Oh, and the size for the English version seems to be about 15.5 meg.
  3. Go here: http://gamesweb.com/pc/downloads/patches/detail.php?item_id=29252 In the news section you will find links to the 1.02 patch for various languages. The CDV site has not been updated to mention the availability of this. Hope this is news! Von Viniga
  4. Very interesting post. The use of black powder may well have created an easily spotted discharge from the weapon. I wonder if when firing an Ampuloment in CMBB it is easier to spot than say a 50mm mortar? Do the sources say anything about this? Von Viniga
  5. Hi, After clicking on the UK symbol and selecting downloads, the link for the patch leads to a German page - Gamesweb page for UK CDV patch? Is this the correct path for UK CDV owners? (It had better be, as I've started downloading all 64MB of it!) I have to say this is a little confusing.... :confused: Von Viniga
  6. ATR's will not fire at wooden bunkers (I assume the same for concrete ones). There are scenarios released with the game, where one side is given ATR's and the enemy does not have armour, but does have fortifications. I assumed that I could engage these with my ATR's.....oh well.
  7. There was a previous topic on this: http://www.battlefront.com/cgi-bin/bbs/ultimatebb.cgi?ubb=get_topic;f=23;t=002164 In which players such as I, had similar problems. I could not get my AT rifle to fire at a bunker. A job for which it was well suited, no?
  8. In a scenario, (not named to avoid a spoiler), the Germans get an Anti-Tank rifle and the Russians no armour. The Russians however, get a number of bunkers. I assumed that the point of the AT rifle was to try and snipe at the bunkers but after targeting he would not fire and lost the target line. Is this intentional then? Or should AT rifles be able to fire at bunkers?
  9. Virus checking software - set to check all files - can also slow down installations. If you suspect this, disable the virus software for the duration of the install (or change your settings). Von Viniga
  10. Hi, By OB I assume you mean CMBO - 'Combat Mission Beyond Overlord.' CMBB is the long awaited sequel, which from what I gather, has a chance of being released in the Summer. So it is CMBO that is released in the UK - see link below: Amazon
  11. <blockquote>quote:</font><hr> i know that the waffen SS were an elite fighting unit and were not involved in the atrocities<hr></blockquote> Since no one else has picked up on this: The Waffen SS were indeed involved in atrocities. I realise it is not the purpose of this forum to discuss them but when I see some statements it sends a shiver... Remember Oradour-sur-Glane, you can still visit the town, as it was left, after a visit by Das Reich. Oradour-sur-Glane for some introductory reading (The opinions of this site are not necessarily mine). The
  12. Just finding out what my member # is so I can fill in this form........ looking forward to the game.
  13. Did a little more experimentation: Hercules GeForce II MX Dual Display Card Hercules(Nvidia) Driver Version 12.40 I upgraded to this driver just before installing XP. It changed the interface for FSAA. FSAA now had these settings: Let Application Handle it Turn it Off Force 2X Force 4X Turning it off gave the best result in W2K In WinXP I find letting the application handle FSAA gives the best results - this was what it was set to after the upgrade - the others cause text problems of varying degrees of awfulness. Currently I only get text doubling on terrain labels (I had
  14. Hi All, While back I posted I was having some problems with my (then) new GeForce MX and W2K with CM. Turning off FSAA helped - thanx guys - but did not completely cure the problem as the graphics where playable but poor. I recently tried out Release Candidate 1 for Windows XP and CM not only works but also looks great again! Obviously, this is not going to be a suitable solution for all but thought you might like to know. Anyone else have any XP/CM experience? Von Viniga (I already did the search thing - so far no XP posts I could find). In tech support that is......oh well.
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